EC2 Lunch for Windows Server 2016

Things to consider

EC2Launch is a Windows PowerShell scripts which has replaced the (EC2Config service available on windows server 2008 and 2012) on Windows Server 2016.

EC2Launch performs the following tasks by default upon initial instance boot.

  1. Sets up new wallpaper that renders information about the instance. (This doesn’t apply to Nano Servers.)
  2. Sets the computer name,
  3. Sends instance information to the Amazon EC2 console.
  4. Sends the RDP certificate thumbprint to the EC2 console. (Doesn’t apply to Nano Server.)
  5. Sets a random password for the administrator account.

Upon completion of EC2Lunch service on Windows 2016 Servers

  • Navigate to this path   C:ProgramDataAmazonEC2-WindowsLaunchConfig
  • Ensure to modify LaunchConfig.json file in order not to have the administrators password changed.

DoNothing Means

  • Choose this option if you specified a password in the unattend.xml file. If you don’t run sysprep and don’t specify a password in unattend.xml, the system uses the password of the parent AMI. Because we do no need to run sysprep (the default password will always be used used)

Installing the Latest Version of EC2Launch for WS 2016

Use the following procedure to download and install the latest version of EC2Launch on your instances.

Download and install the latest version of EC2Launch

  1. If you have already installed and configured EC2Launch on an instance, make a backup of the EC2Launch configuration file. The installation process does not preserve changes in this file. By default, the file is located in the C:ProgramDataAmazonEC2-WindowsLaunchConfig directory.
  2. Download to a directory on the instance.
  3. Download install.ps1 to the same directory where you downloaded
  4. Run install.ps1
Vital link: Here you can download the setup needed to have Ec2Launch up and running on Windows Server2016 and this will make the servers avilable via the runcommand on AWS


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