Synology Disk Station: Resolving Windows 10 File Access Issue

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In the realm of modern data management, the Synology Disk Station stands as a pinnacle of network storage solutions. Yet, this advanced system occasionally hinders smooth file access, especially during integration with Windows 10. This challenge prompts us to explore the intricacies of the relationship between Synology Disk Station and the Windows 10 environment.

Resolving these access issues demands a comprehensive understanding of how Synology Disk Station interacts with the Windows ecosystem. Exploring multifaceted solutions enables users to bridge gaps, harmonize file access, and streamline workflows for fluid data exchange.

Unlocking Solutions: Bridging Synology Disk Station and Windows 10 Access Gap

In this exploration, we will tackle the “Unable to access files in Synology Disk Station from Windows 10” issue. This will empower users to unleash their storage infrastructure’s full potential and foster a synergistic union between Synology Disk Station and Windows 10.

The Synology DiskStation runs the Synology DSM OS, a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance. This pedestal/tower-embedded NAS appliance comes in configurations ranging from one to twelve bays within a single enclosure. Below are the steps to resolve this. Synology NAS streamlines local network file storage and sharing, providing direct access to shared folders and files.” For example, you can store files on your Synology NAS with Windows Explorer, just like other network devices. Here are some best practices to employ when working with Synology DiskStation. Here is a guide on Synology best practices.

When prompted with this error, follow the steps below.

Solution (FIX): Ensure these are enabled. Type Control Panel into the Search box, and enable SMB Direct and SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support as shown below and click ok.

Sign out and in to the Windows 10 system and check if the NAS is accessible. Other possible errors and solutions as well can be found in this link.

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