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New Windows 11 Encryption: Enhancing Security for Hybrid Work

Windows 11

Experience the future of enhanced security with New Windows 11 encryption features. Windows 11 not only keeps you connected to the news and information you care about through Widgets, but it also introduces a personalized feed driven by AI and delivers top-notch browsing performance with Microsoft Edge. Embracing the world of gaming, Windows 11 introduces groundbreaking innovations that elevate your PC gaming experience. If you’re a consultant frequently traveling and seeking ways to safeguard your device against theft, Windows 11 offers the solutions you need.

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With the introduction of New Windows 11 encryption features and security enhancements, safeguarding hybrid work has become a paramount concern. Given the rapid transition to remote work, cybercriminals and nation-states have seized the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities when employees operate outside the traditional office environment. Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index reveals a concerning landscape, where threats such as malware, stolen credentials, phishing attacks, devices lacking security updates, user errors, and the potential for physical attacks on lost or stolen devices loom large as significant security challenges faced by both organizations and their IT teams.

Here is a guide on Smart App Control and how to enable Phishing Protection on Windows 11.

Fortifying Security: New Windows 11 Encryption and Enhancements

Experience enhanced security with New Windows 11 encryption. Microsoft dedicates itself to enhancing digital protection via updates countering threats, offering advanced encryption, and blocking malicious elements. These enhancements, from chip to cloud, unite cutting-edge hardware and software for a secure hybrid work experience. Explore key features below.

  • Enhanced phishing protection against targeted phishing attacks with the help of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, a cloud-based anti-phishing and anti-malware service.
  • SmartScreen integrated into the OS warns Windows users when entering credentials into malicious apps or hacked websites. This proven system effectively blocked over 25.6 billion Azure Active Directory brute force attacks and intercepted more than 35.7 billion phishing emails in the last year.

These enhancements will make Windows the world’s first operating system with phishing safeguards built directly into the platform and shipped out of the box to help users stay productive and secure without having to learn to be their own IT department,” he added.

Protection for user data and against malicious drivers 

Western also highlighted that “Windows 11 users would get additional layers of security that protect their data and act as a defense against malicious drivers.

For instance, the upcoming Personal Data Encryption feature safeguards users’ files. It blocks access, requiring Windows Hello authentication for entry when users aren’t signed in.

  • First, users authenticate via Windows Hello for Business, linking encryption keys to passwordless credentials. This connection fortifies data against theft, adding an extra layer of protection. In the upcoming guide, I’ll explain the process within the community.

Additionally, Windows users can activate a driver blocklist using Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC). This feature automatically blocks drivers with known vulnerabilities. This will harden Windows systems against third-party-developed drivers in the following ways below.

  • Known security vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to elevate privileges in the Windows kernel
  • Malicious behaviours (malware) or certificates used to sign malware
  • Non-malicious behaviors can bypass the Windows Security Model, enabling attackers to exploit and escalate privileges in the Windows kernel.

Windows 11 App Improvements

Weston stated, “We plan a crucial security enhancement for Windows 11.” This enhancement integrates Smart App Control at the process level. It blocks users from running malicious apps by combining code signing and an AI model.

When Windows 11 runs a new application, it verifies its core signing and features against this model. This guarantees only trusted apps can operate, instilling confidence in users about their device’s safety.

Microsoft also wants to enable Credential Guard by Default and additional protection for Local Security Authority (LSA) for organizations using Windows 11 Enterprise to improve security in enterprise environments further.

Additionally, note Config Lock actively secures settings. It reverts unauthorized changes via MDM policies, preventing vulnerabilities.

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