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Install and configure TeamPass Password Manager


TeamPass is a Passwords Manager dedicated to managing passwords in a collaborative way by sharing them among team members. Teampass offers a large set of features permitting you to manage your passwords and related data in an organized way with respect to the access rights defined for each user. In this article, you will learn about how to Install and configure TeamPass Password Manager correctly. Please see How to update WampServer to Latest Version, How to uninstall WAMPServer from Windows, how to Fix WordPress Error “The Link You Followed Has Expired”, and how to Install and Configure WordPress on Your Windows Computer Using WAMP SERVER.

This solution enables you to organize password items into structured way of folders associated with access rights given to dedicated users and groups. Here are some related guides: Unable to Ping an EC2 Instance, how to Generate SSH keys in Windows 11, and How to migrate from TrueCrypt to BitLocker. And how to fix the error “The following servers in this deployment are not part of the deployment Pool: Create an RDS Session Host and Collection” In this article, you will learn how to install and configure TeamPass Password Manager. See how to Perform Self-Service Password Reset Enrolment – Pleasant Password Manager, and how to install and Configure Pleasant Reset Password.

Alternative to TeamPass – Team Password Manager

Here is a competitor “Team Password Manager”. Team Password Manager is free to use for 2 users and 5 projects, with no time limit. You can start using it right now. Just follow this guide to install Team Password Manager. In place of downloading TeamPass Password Manager, download Teampassword Manager. If you want to test the software with more users and/or projects you can request a 30 days trial license. if this solution fits your need, you can request a demo via this link. Also, see this exciting guide “Part 1 – SimpleSAMLphp Setup on Windows Server“.

Features of TeamPass Password Manager

Teampass has a lot of features to adapt its usage to most cases. With TeamPass, it is possible to organize passwords in a tree structure, and associate information with passwords. Please see how to Set Up and Use ChatGPT in Linux Terminal.

Nevertheless, Teampass relies on Core Features that could be resumed below. It provides a lot of options and features permitting you to customize it to your needs as shown in the image below. Decide how you want to set up your instance of Teampass to achieve your goals in terms of Team sharing. Please see how to Perform Self-serve Password Reset using the Windows Login Integration Client – Pleasant Password Reset Server. And how to integrate Pleasant Password Server with Active Directory, and how to install failover for ManageEngine Password Manager Pro.

Src: TeamPass

Password Manager “TeamPass” has an exhaustive list of features and options permitting you to better adapt its usage to your needs. Below is a subset of the most valuable features.

Team and Resource Organization for TeamPass Password Manager

The Password Manager “Teampass” allows you to fine-tune the users’ access rights to the existing Items. Depending on your local policies, Teampass helps to ensure that only allowed people have access to expected data.

Access ControlUnique User access
Pre-defined Roles (Admin, Super-Manager, Manager, User, Read-Only)
Define your own User-Groups (for example IT, Project Managers)
Define access rights on Folders using User-Groups
Define own access rights by User (allow/forbid other Folders)
Secured AccessEach user has his own account with login and password
2-step authentication with Google Authenticator can be set
2-step authentication with DUO Security
LDAP connector
2-step authentication with AGSES
Access to items
through priviledges
Access to items through privileges
Access to Folders and Items relies on definition of rights for each User
Access to folders and Items can be defined for each User-Goup
Access rights from User-to-User (for each Item)
Share Item to “external Users” through One-Time-View link
Advanced item
Item is defined with several fields (Label, Description, Url, Login, Password, …)
Item is associated with a Folder and to Tags
Attach files to Item
Define Custom Fields to be filled in when defining an Item
Custom Fields are related to folders
Personal FolderEach user may have a personal folder
Personal items are encrypted with personal saltkey
Other featuresExport the Items in PDF file
Import from Keepass XML and CSV file
Tags system permitting to search among Items by Tag
Suggestion System allows Users to suggest new Items
Change Proposal system allows Users to make suggestion of change on existing Items
Knowledge Base permits to add complex definition to existing Items
Offline ModeExport the passwords in an offline mode
Permits to access Items when not connected to the internet
SecurityAll built-in requests between Client and Server are encrypted
All passwords are encrypted in database relying on AES-256 algorithm
All Custom Fields are encrypted in database (Define by Custom Fields if encrypted or not)
Attached files can be encrypted (optional)

This solution secures your data and your users at several levels with encryption. It relies on Defuse PHP Encryption library which provides a very secure Cryptographic protocol. In the next guide, I will be showing you how to install TeamPass on a Linux box.

A Comparison between XAMPP and WAMP for TeamPass Installation

Both the XAMPP and the WAMP stack are great ways to set up, build or even test applications or websites or WordPress Development. Now, let’s discuss each of these components. Here is an exciting article on ManageEngine Password Manager: How to upgrade ManagerEngine Password Manager Pro. others are How to plan (Strategy) Password Manager Backup, and how to detect who disabled a user in Active Directory.

XAMPP is an open-source, and cross-platform solution for web server management. XAMPP is an acronym and below is the meaning of each of XAMPP’s components.WAMP is an alternative software stack, bundled as a single software stack because it contains everything you’ll need to build and test your website offline.

It is a Web development platform on Windows that allows you to create dynamic Web applications with Apache2, PHP, MySQL, and MariaDB. WampServer automatically installs everything you need to intuitively develop Web applications. You will be able to tune your server without even touching its settings files.

WampServer is available for free (under a GPML license) in both 32 and 64-bit versions. You will see this very shortly when downloading WAMPServer.
X: This is used because XAMPP is a cross-platform tool that can be used in conjunction with all major operating systems. (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.).W: Stands for Windows.
A: Stands for Apache, which is the web server software that allows you to request and view a website’s pages.A: Stands for Apache.
M: Stands for MySQL, which is the stack’s database management system.M: Stands for MySQL
P: Stands for PHP, which is the stack’s scripting language.P: Stands for PHP
XAMPP’s stack is designed to work perfectly on all the major operating systems as discussed above and it is relatively easy to use, allows for offline website building, and has multiple interpreters.WAMP also comes with a dashboard, which acts as the main control panel for playing with all of your website’s configurations. Essentially, both WAMP and XAMPP work to make the web development process faster.

WAMP is actually derived from a LAMP stack, where the L stands for Linux. The only difference between WAMP and LAMP stacks is that WAMP can only be used for Windows, while LAMP may only be used solely on Linux-based operating systems. Similar to the XAMPP stack, WAMP is an acronym with the following software components forming the stack.

Requirements for installing TeamPass in Windows?

The following components are required (Web Server, PHP, and MySQL). This means we will be installing WAMP or an alternative stack instead of installing each of the components one by one.

Note: There aren’t any minimum system requirements for installing TeamPass. But for best performance, follow the recommended best practice in order to make the available resources available to your system.

How to Install and configure TeamPass Password Manager on a Windows server

In order to install TeamPass on a Windows server, you need to first have an Apache server with MySql and PHP. You can either install each of those components one by one or directly use a full ‘All in One’ package such as Xampp, WampServer, etc. In my case, I will be using WampServer.

Download the WampServer

To download the last version of WampServer. Once installed, start your server and you should see the Wampserver icon in green as shown in the image below. Alternatively, you can download the WampServer as shown in the image below.


Install WampServer

Launch the setup file by double-clicking on it and accepting the “User Access Control” if you have it set up. Here are some related guides: How to Change User Account Type in Windows 10, All you need to know about Local Accounts, Authorization, and Access Control in Windows, and


Select the language to use during the installation. I am okay with English. I will click on Ok to proceed.


Accept the license agreement and click on Next


From the information window, kindly read as these are related to WampServer best practices installation. Else Wampserver will not run correctly.


Select the path (location) you would want Wampserver installed unto. I am fine with the default, I will click on next.


On the select components windows, I am fine with the defaults. Click on Next to proceed.

Browse to the location where you would want the Setup file to place the program shortcut.


On the “Ready to install windows”, click on Install.


As you can see below, the installation is running.


Click on Yes in order for Edge to be used by Wampserver. I do not want another browser installed.


File Explorer will be launched, select your default browser, and click on Open.


In the next prompt suggesting Notepad will be used by Wampserver, select Yes!


From the File Explorer, select the location of Notepad


Please read the following information that prompted


Click on Finish to complete the installation of the Wampserver


You will also have the Wampserver icon placed on your desktop, and taskbar.

Install Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable

The Visual C++ Redistributable installs Microsoft C and C++ (MSVC) runtime libraries. These libraries are required by many applications built using Microsoft C and C++ tools. If your app uses those libraries, a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package must be installed on the target system before you install your app. The Redistributable package architecture must match your app’s target architecture. The Redistributable version must be at least as recent as the MSVC build toolset used to build your app

As you can see, ensure that “Microsoft Visual c++ redistributable lastest supported download” is installed. Here is the URL for download.


Upon download, run the installer. Accept the license terms and click on Install.


With the above installation, the required PHP Extension to support TeamPass Password Manager are in place. In the dialog box, select PHP > PHP extensions and enable each of the following extensions below. By default, these extensions are already loaded. To see all the extensions loaded by PHP


PHP extensions are a critical part of the PHP development process, extending the functionality of the language to meet the needs of many different types of applications. By using extensions, you can avoid having to recreate the same code for numerous applications. To use an extension, you simply connect it to your application’s PHP binary. You can make use of a publicly available extension or create your own.

Note: PHP extensions are not the same thing as a .php file extension or PHP class extension (inherited classes). A PHP extension is a specially formed library or plugin. But a .PHP file extension is the name of a file. And a PHP class extension refers to a class that extends another.

Create Database

To do this, open the PhpMyAdmin by clicking on the WampServer icon and then select PhpMyAdmin. This will open the following URL locally below.


The default password for PHPMyAdmin login is null while the username is root. In some versions, the Password is set to ‘password‘ in some versions. But in my case, I will leave the password blank.

Username: root

Password: [null]

As you can see, you have been granted access to the PhpMyAdmin Interface.


IMPORTANT! In the ‘Create new database’ section, enter your database name (Eg, TeeamPassTechDb) and select ‘utf8mb4_general_ci` as collation. Click on Create the button. to do this, click on the “Databases” tab.

Note: TeamPass recommends using utf8mb4_general_ci` as collation. Since MySQL 5.5.3 you should use utf8mb4 instead of utf8. Both refer to UTF-8 encoding, but the older utf8 had a MySQL-specific limitation that prevented the use of characters above 0xFFFD. 

Note: utf8mb4_general_ci sorts as a single character!The suitability of utf8mb4_general_ci will depend heavily on the language used. utf8mb4 supports emojis also. More specifically, utf8mb4_general_ci checks only one byte at a time, so ss is not considered equal to ß. Most of the other collations for utf8mb4 do consider them equal.

Use “utf8mb4_general_ci“! it is faster to compare and sort because it requires a lot of performance-related shortcuts. On modern servers, this performance boost will hardly be noticeable. It was developed at a time when servers had a tiny fraction of the CPU power of today’s computers.

Enter your DB name such asTechDaTeamPassDb as you desire and choose “utf8mb4_general_ci” collation, then click “Create” as shown below. Note: Other documentation specify utf8mb3_general_ci and it works greatly as well.


You’ll see that the newly created database appears on the left sidebar, click on it and select the “SQL” tab. See How to install Microsoft Teams on a macOS.

Set MySQL Database Administrator

In this step, we will create a specific Administrator for this database. Click on the ‘Privileges’ tab, we would like to create a new user. Emphasis on New as shown below.


You have to click on the ‘Add a new user’ link, and enter the login information (I suggest creating a user teampass_admin for a better understanding of what is this user). And at this time, do not give any rights/privileges at this level of the user creation

The database administrator has been created.


Set the DB Administrator privileges

If the Edit user privilege is not automatically prompted, click on the ‘Edit privileges’ button corresponding to the TeeamPass database Administrator account.

Click on ‘Check All‘ link. Then validate by clicking on the button Go


Download and Upload TeamPass Password Manager Package

To copy the Team Password Manager files, you will have to first download the latest version via this link. Click on Download TeamPass Password Manager!

Unzip it into a temporary folder. If you have 7Zip, you can also use it, etc. Now, the packages are being extracted


Extract the download file or use 7Zip


The Files have been extracted. Please see CVE-2021-22048: VMware vCenter Server updates address a privilege escalation vulnerability.


If your installation is a local one, copy the folder TeamPass to the folder <wampserver_installation_path>/www. If it is a remote server, use your FTP software to upload the TeamPass folder in the “html_public” folder


Create A Virtual Host

If this step is not performed and you right-click the link to allow links on the project, you will be stuck and the installation will never succeed. See how to create a Virtual Host in WampServer. Also, see how to fix “Installation Wizzard stuck on working on it“.


Proceed with the TeamPass installation

On the Initial Installation wizard, click on Start as shown below. Please see how to fix Ansible_user=UNREACHABLE {Failed to connect to the host via ssh: ssh: Could not resolve hostname (Name or service not known, unreachable true).

If all Elements pass as shown below, click on Next to continue.


Populate the Database connection information wizard with the right parameters and click on start. If everything works correctly, the connection is successful window will be displayed. Then click on Next.


On the Teampass set-up window, enter the Teampass Administrator password and click on start. This stage, a lot of users do not get past 🙂 Click Next to continue.


The preparing database window will be displayed. Click on Start.


As you can see, all required tables have been created. Click on Next to continue.

Click on Start on the Finalization window. And when complete, click on Next as shown below.

Navigate to the Home Page

This completes the installation f Team Pass! Click on Move to Home page.


The username is admin and please enter the password you specified during the TeamPass setup. Remember that an Administrator has no access to Items. In order to test your setup, it is recommended to create a dummy account user which you will use to test your Teampass configuration.

Note: If you would like to enable access to Iteams on the Password Manager, Please refer to the TeamPass documentation referenced below.


You are now prompted with the TeamPass Graphical User Interface. Please follow the steps here to configure your TeamPass Password Manager. In the next guide, I will be showing you how to enable SSL on WampServer.

TeamPass is an Open Source project totally free of charge for any usage. Nevertheless this project costs a lot in term of time investment for developing, correcting, making support, etc. and some fixed charges like domain registration and hosting exist. So if you use it, you may consider a donation. Therefore, I welcome you to donte to them.

They also provide some Commercial Support that may interest you. They can also develop specific features on-demand as we did for some companies, or provide you a priority Support on your tickets.

In the next guide, I will show you how to configure TeamPass to your need. 

I hope you found this blog post helpful on how to Install and configure TeamPass Password Manager. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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