Adding and Removing Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 | Multitasking

Microsoft enables adding and the removal of virtual desktops. This is a built-in feature and this makes the organisation of Apps effortless to those of us that keep a lot of Apps on their computer. Here are the steps below to implement this.

Click on the task view on the taskbar
Click on + New desktops

Virtual Desktop Management

Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

In the Task View pane, click New desktop to add a virtual desktop as shown below.

Windows 10 Multitasking

Note: You can create multiple virtual desktops by on the + New Desktop sign as shown below. Windows enables the creation of a numerous multiple desktops.

Creating Desktop Workspaces

To delete virtual desktop, simply locate the desktop you would like to delete and hover over it. Use the X at the top of each virtual desktop to delete it as shown below.

Organizing Multiple Desktops

To use any of the virtual desktops, click on one of them, open any desired application.
Note: The backgrounds of all desktop will remain unchanged. If you have items on your desktop, this will propagate to all other desktops. The difference will be the application opened in each virtual desktop. This application alone will stay open in the virtual desktop regardless. In the example below. The application opened in Desktop 3, will only be available in desktop 3.

Note: When a  close a virtual desktop, any app you Running on it will be moved to the other that is not closed

Shortcuts in using virtual desktops (Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 10)

- Using windows + tab to switch between desktop
- use Alt + tab to switch between the apps in the virtual desktops
- Launch Task View --= Win + Tab
- Create a new virtual desktop. Press Win + Ctrl + D
- Close a current desktop. Press Win + Ctrl + F4
- Shift between desktops. Press Win + Ctrl + Left arrow, or Win + Ctrl + Right arrow.


These are the two settings that apply to virtual desktops in Windows.
To access this Window, follow the steps below.
– Click on Systems or Press Windows key + I to open Settings up.
– Select Multitasking,
– And scroll down to Virtual desktops.

Depending on your preference, adjust the settings accordingly.

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