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How to search through the Windows registry

It is relatively very easy to search through Registry for keys that might apply to a particular aspect of Windows or software that you may want to change.  However, careful measures should be taken on how changing key, strings etc., since you may not be sure what the reference you find in the registry actually does. Be careful!!!

You can search the Registry by choosing “Find” under the Edit menu, or pressing Ctrl+F.

This will launch the “Find” window as shown below

In the “Find” field, type in your search term and click on “Find Next”.

Here, decide what you want to search for, such as Keys, Value Names, or Value Data, or any combination of these.
– Here I will be searching for bios related registry settings as shown below

This will search through the entire registry database as shown below

And the following “BIOS” related registry information will be displayed as shown below.

For what the Registry Editor is and how to access the registry hives, see

For more details on Windows tweak via the registry, see

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