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Windows sign-in options and account protection on Windows 11


On Windows system, there is always a sign-in option in the form of a secret password for authentication. You can also use MFA (Multi-factor authentication) and Windows Hello for Business as your sign-in options but password authentication is still very much required in all account protection instances. Always remember that every organization needs an environment where users make use of strong passwords that help protect your organization from bad actors that thrive on weak passwords to gain unauthorized access to your network. In this article, you will learn about Windows sign-in options and account protection on Windows 11. Please see

Another habit that is good to imbibe is regularly changing your password to guide against the compromise of your account and a password attack. When a user login into a local account the authentication used is the NT OWF which is compared to the locally stored NT hash.

If what you supply is the same as what is stored then you will be allowed into the system.  When there is an Active directory in place and you try to log in with a password the NT hash is used in a Kerberos logon and compare to what exists on the Key Distribution Center (KDC). If you want to read more on account login protection you can read these: How to increase the Windows PIN complexity to accommodate more digits, How to change or reset your Microsoft account password via the Web or Windows Settings, How to change your Windows Computer login Password, RDP users are unable to change passwords on first logon or after expiration: You must change your password before logging on the first time, please update your password

Windows sign-in options: Set up your password, PIN, and Picture Password

Follow these steps to set up your password, PIN, and Picture Password to protect your account.

1: Go to Start > Settings Accounts Sign-in options.


Managing your Windows Password or PIN

2. Managing your Password or PIN. Select PIN (Windows Hello) and then select Change PIN or Set up it depends if you were using PIN before. Select Password then select Change or you set it up too.


3. Since I initially set up a Password I will need to Verify the account password


Set up the new PIN.


Please see steps to Batch rename multiple files on Windows, how to Fix SSO sign-in and non-routable domain issues, how to fix “We cannot sign you with this credential because your domain isn’t available: Make sure your device is connected to your organization’s network and try again“, and how to disable or enable automatic login from the sign-in screen in Windows.

Picture password

4. Setting up a Picture password. Go to Start Settings Accounts Sign-in options. Click on the Picture password and click Add..


5. Verify your account to be able to use the picture password


6. Choose the Picture you want to use for the password


7. After selecting your image then click on Use this picture or Choose the new picture.


8. Draw three gestures on your picture. which can be any combination of circles, straight lines and taps


9. When done you will receive a congratulatory message


10. You can now login with either Password, PIN or Picture password.


Here is a YouTube video on “Windows sign-in options and account protection on Windows 11”

I hope you found this blog post Windows sign-in options and account protection on Windows 11 interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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