How to get Domain information using WHOIS Command in Linux

Domain information

WHOIS Lookup gives you the ability to look up any generic domain name. This will display all of the details associated with the site as well as the technical contact which includes your domain registrar. It is worth discussing that Whois is a TCP-based query and response protocol that is commonly used to provide information services to Internet users. That is, it can be used to list information about the domain owner of the given domain, such as the owner, their contact information, and the domain’s nameservers.

Your local machine, refer to this guide if you’re installing on Linux, otherwise, refer to this link. Kindly refer to our related AWS guides: How to install and configure Apache Cassandra on Linux Server,  How to create IAM Users, Adding MFA and Policies on AWS, how to manage cost with AWS Budgets, how to deploy an Angular App to AWS S3, and how to deploy a Dynamic Website to AWS EC2.

Linux is an open-source operating system. Like other OS' (such as Windows), Linux consists of various software components that manage computer hardware resources.

Whois command-line utility does not come pre-installed on many Linux distributions, run the appropriate command below for your distribution to install it.

Before you can use it, simply install the whois package

root@test-VirtualBox:/# apt-get install whois

After the installation, All you have to do is open the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/) and type in “whois” and space followed by a URL.

Here is a simple text below, this will output information off google.

root@test-VirtualBox:/# whois

The result of this output should give you the server information

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