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Various methods to launch the Event Viewer

This is needed in order to be able to analyse, resolve application and system errors correctly as well as get information about the system. knowing various ways to fire up core built-in tools is paramount for your day to day administration. Recently, the Windows search stopped working as stated in the articles below and I saw a lot of people unable to perform their tasks effectively. Because of this, I will be discussing here and in further article various ways to launch built-in Windows Tool and Commands Prompts.

Via the File explorer: Here are the steps to launch the event viewer
– Search for “eventvwr.exe”  
– Press enter

Via Windows Search: Search for Event viewer and double click on the event viewer app or hit enter to launch the event viewer app.

Via the Run Wizard. This can be launched by the steps below
– Search for “RUN”
– Enter the utility command “eventvwr” and press ok.

In this way, you can run and launch other built-in tools as shown below.

Via PowerShell: Open the PowerShell with Administrative privilege and perform the following
– Type eventvwr.msc
– This will fire up the vent viewer console.

Via Command Prompt: Launch the Command prompt with administrative privilege
– Type eventvwr and
– Hit Enter
This will also open the event viewer

Via the Control Panel: The event viewer can also be launched via the Control panel.
– Click on Systems and Security
– Under Administrative Tools,
– Click on “View Event Viewer”

If you found other ways to launch windows built-in tools, kindly comment below.

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