How to delete an Instance (AssignedAccess) when applied via MDM WMI bridge Provider

Ensure before proceeding that the $namespaceName and $className are correctly reference as it relates to your environment.

For all device settings, the WMI Bridge client must be executed under local system user (Administrator). To do that, download the psexec tool from and run psexec.exe -i -s cmd.exe from an elevated admin command prompt.

Delete existing instance
$obj = Get-CimInstance -Namespace $namespaceName -ClassName $className -Filter "ParentID='./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config' and InstanceID='AssignedAccess'"
Remove-CimInstance -CimInstance $obj

Ensure the right Instance ID is referenced. To see how this is done for Local account AssignedAccess, see

To see how this command can be used to create, enumerate, query and modify an instance, see the following link and customise it to your need

Kindly leave a commend below if you found other methods that worked.

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