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How to install and manage IP Address Management on Windows Server


IPAM enables the administration and monitoring of DHCP and DNS and provides a comprehensive view of where IP addresses are used. It also collects information from domain controllers and Network Policy Servers (NPSs) and then stores that information in the Windows Internal Database. In this article, we will discuss how to install and manage IP Address Management on Windows Server. Please see IaC on Azure: An introduction of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), How to lookup a username and machine name using an IP address on windows, and How to install and configure Elasticsearch on Linux.

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Installing IP Address Management on Windows in a Member Server

Log in to your domain member Server (SVR2), open Server Manager, and click add Roles & Features. Proceed to the Select Features interface, and select the IP Address Management (IPAM) Server check box, and Proceed with Next


On the Confirm installation selections interface, click Install, and Close the Installation progress interface when installation is complete.


Please see how to fix Ansible error: Server unreachable, ssl: auth method ssl requires a password, and Steps to Provisioning Azure Resources using Azure Az PowerShell Cmdlet from Cloud Shell.

Provision IPAM in Windows Via GPO

To Provisioning IPAM through a Group Policy Object (GPO).


 In the IPAM Overview interface, click Connect to IPAM serve


On the Connect to an IPAM Server interface, select your domain name, and then click OK


Next, click Provision the IPAM server


In the Provision IPAM Wizard interface, on the Before you begin page, click Next


On the Configure database interface, click Next


On the Select provisioning method interface, ensure that the Group Policy Based is selected then in the GPO name prefix box, type IPAM, and then click Next

  • On the Confirm the Settings interface, click Apply.
  • Provisioning will take a few minutes to complete

Click Close once provisioning is complete


Configure IP Management Server Discovery. On the IPAM Overview interface, click Configure server discovery


In the Configure Server Discovery settings box, click Add (verify that you add the correct domain)


In the IPAM Overview interface, click Start server discovery. Discovery may take around 5 to 10 minutes to run


After few minutes,  the yellow bar will indicate that the discovery is completed


Configure managed servers

In the IPAM Overview interface, click Select or add servers to manage and verify IPAM access


Notice that the IPAM Access Status is blocked. This also indicates that the IPAM server has not yet been granted permission to manage the domain server via Group Policy


I hope you found this guide useful on How to install and manage IP Address Management on Windows Server. Please let me know in the comment section if you have any questions.

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