How to hide the Windows 10 Taskbar

Windows 10 taskbar is located at the bottom of your device screen and this provides quick access to your favorite applications and allows for other features such as time, date, system notifications and programs to be pinned and viewed at a glance. It is, therefore, a very vital feature of windows.

But the taskbar can become annoying if you wish your application to run in full-screen mode, this can be problematic as Windows has removed this by design, see

If you find the taskbar more distracting than it is helpful, there are few ways to go about it. Some are discussed below. If you wish to remove the taskbar permanently, you will have to use a third-party tool as shown below.?

Note: The only option to hide the taskbar is through “Auto-hide” in windows 10, it is by design, see but there are a few software out there that are capable of hiding the taskbar, I will discuss one in this article.

Via Settings: This solution is not the desired result, here the taskbar will auto-hide (disappear) and re-appear when you move the mouse towards the taskbar. Here is the settings to turn on the auto-hide in Windows 10 at the moment.

Hide taskbar via group Policy: It seems you can’t completely disable the taskbar through group policy, only severely limit it. This does not seem feasible via the Widows Settings and Group policy as shown below.

Solution: With Taskbar Hide, from Eusing software, you can hide program windows completely with a hotkey, or minimize programs to the System Tray instead of keeping icons in your taskbar. It is useful if you need to hide some of your less used icons from the System Tray. It is a free software.

Download Taskbar-Hide at

After download, lunch the installer and follow the steps below, its really simple.

You may be required to registry but this you can skip

Click on the icon shown below

Click on all tasks

This will ensure the taskbar is hidden as shown below.

Or click on the Menu button,
– Click on Taskbar as shown below and
– click on All Task

Repeat the process again, this will ensure all other buttons are  grayed out
– Click on All Taskbar

This will ensure the taskbar is hidden. if you found other solutions, kindly comment below so we all can learn from you.

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