Set Google as default: How to set a browser as default in Windows 10

Every PC as well as the mobile device has a default web browser. Windows 10 has Microsoft Edge, Apple devices run Safari, etc. However, you are not obligated to stay put with these default browsers. In this guide, I will be discussing how to set a browser as default in Windows 10. It is very important to set a default browser of your choice in order to have links open up in your desired browser. On how to set a browser as default in macOS. For more information on how to create a shortcut, see the following links: Create a desktop shortcut, how to make a shortcut available to all users, and how to create a scheduled task on Windows Server 2019

Your default browser is the one your computer uses for opening links and other browser-related tasks.

Prerequisite for changing the default web browser

Ensure Google Chrome is installed on your personal device. Please see how to Change the Default Web Browser on Windows 11

Scenario 1: If Chrome prompts you to set it as your default browser.

Click on Set as default

Click on “Set as default” as shown above. This will open the Default apps Windows Settings

Scenario 2: Via Windows settings

If you do not have the following scenario as shown above

  • Click on Windows Settings
  • Click on Apps as shown below

This will open the Default App Windows Settings

Select Apps in Windows settings

Select App and finally, click on the default apps as shown below

Final steps for both Scenario 1 and Scenario 2: Set the default App browser

Click on Internet Explorer under the “Web browser” as shown below

Click on Internet Explorer under the "Web browser"

This will open up the Choose an app window as shown below. Click on Google Chrome

Click on Chrome on the App window

And that is all. When an application or link is clicked on, this will automatically open up in Google Chrome.

The same concept is applicable to setting a browser as the default on Windows for Edge, Firefox, and other browsers.

To ensure you are able to open Chrome easily, add a shortcut to your taskbar with the following steps below

  • On your computer,
  • Open Chrome
  • In the Windows taskbar at the bottom,
  • Right-click on Chrome.
  • Click Pin to the taskbar.

FAQs on setting Windows default browser

Can I change my default browser to one I’ve just installed?

Yes, you can change your default browser to one you’ve just installed. After installing the new browser, follow the same steps mentioned above to make the switch

Why should I set a default browser in Windows 10?

Setting a default browser in Windows 10 is essential because it ensures that when you click on web links in emails, documents, or other applications, they will open in your preferred browser. This improves your overall browsing experience and productivity

I hope you found this blog on How to set a browser as default in Windows post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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