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How to set a browser as default in macOS (Set Google Chrome as default)

It is very important to set a default browser of your choice in order to have links open up in your desired browser. On how this is done in Windows, please take a look at this link

Prerequisite: Ensure you have your desired browser installed.

– Launch System Preferences from the Launch as shown below

This will open open up the System Preferences as shown below

– Click on General as shown below

– Click on the Default web browser an select your desired browser
Note: Here we can choose to any desired browser of your choice.

That is all that is needed to be configured. When next an application or link is clicked on, this will automatically open up in Google Chrome. This same idea can be used to set Edge, Firefox etc as your default browser.

For easy access to the web browser (Google Chrome), you can pin it to Dock.
– Right Click on the Google Chrome icon on the Dock

The browser will henceforth be available on the Dock and can be launched from there. For how to set a default app to archive files on macOS, see

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