Jira: What is Jira re-indexing


In order to provide fast searching, JIRA creates an index of the text entered into issue fields. This index is stored on the file system, and updated whenever issue text is added or modified. It is sometimes necessary to regenerate this index manually; for instance, when you add a new custom field, or if the index is lost or corrupted.

Re-indexing is often needed after major configuration changes in Jira. Once certain fields have been created or modified in Jira, this could result in making the search index becoming out-of-sync Jira Instance configuration.

What is Jira re-indexing

Examples of configuration details that might require these changes and return incorrect queries are as follows;
– Field configuration schemes
– Custom fields
– Plugins
– Time tracking

When this occurs, your Administrative view will display a similar message as shown below.

***Someone** made configuration changes to 'SECTION' at TIME. It is recommended that you perform a re-index. It is recommended that you perform a re-index. For more information, please click the Help icon.
To perform the re-index now, please go to the 'Indexing' section.
Note: So that you only have to re-index once, you may wish to  complete any other configuration changes before performing the re-index.  

To resolve the What is Jira re-indexing errors, simply re-index your jira instance.
Note: A background re-indexing is advisable as this does not affect the system as users can continue working. After, indexing, remember to acknowledge.

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