How to Integrate Jira Software with GitHub Cloud


JIRA is a project management tool and a centralized platform used by the software development team for collaboration, planning, tracking, release, and bug management. In this guide, I will be showing you how to integrate Jira software with GitHub Cloud but you may also want to read about How to install and configure JIRA on Linux , Jira: What is Jira re-indexing, and if you want to read more on other collaboration tools check these: How to remove a user from a Slack Channel, How to deactivate and reactivate a Slack user, How to change or cancel your Trello plan, How to remove a member from Trello Board.

While GitHub is a cloud-based platform for software development and version control using Git, this is a repository where developers store and manage their code. But both tools can be used by the development team for collaboration and to be more productive using it you can decide to integrate them together to bring out the best result.

If you want to read some interesting articles on GitHub and Git you can read these: How to Deploy GitHub Repositories to cPanel using GitHub Actions, How to fix fatal Git error refusing to merge unrelated histories, How to clone a repository and install software from GitHub on Windows. But we also have more interesting articles you can read through.

Integrate Jira Software with GitHub Cloud

We will be using the GitHub for Jira app to integrate with GitHub Cloud. The app will allow the easy tracking of branches, pull requests, commits, builds and you can reference issue keys in GitHub and be able to view development data in Jira and also the ability to use commit to automate common tasks like transitioning issues or adding comments.

Please note that to be able to integrate Jira Software and GitHub Cloud successfully, you will need admin permissions on both platforms.

Install GitHub for Jira

1: Sign into your Jira Cloud account or if you are setting up Jira for the first time you can select a template for your project.

First Project

2. Select GitHub for Jira and click next.


3. If you already have a project setup a project. Please navigate to Atlassian Marketplace by selecting Apps > Explore more apps in the top navigation.


4. Search for GitHub for Jira and select Get app.


5. Select Get Started below. Whenever you want to check for the app’s configuration page. You can navigate there by going to Apps > Manage apps > GitHub for Jira > Get started


After the installation and Configuration GitHub for Jira, select Connect GitHub organization.


2. Select GitHub Cloud and click Continue.


Please see how to Integrate Pleasant Password Server with Active Directory, how to use Command-Line on Git Bash and GitHub Desktop to PUSH local code to GitHub, and how to install and configure JIRA on Linux.

Connect a GitHub Organization

1: Log in to your GitHub account give permissions and Authorize Jira.


2. Select the GitHub organization you want to integrate with Jira and click Connect. But you can also Install GitHub for Jira on a new organization.


3. Go ahead and install Jira on GitHub. Select your preferred repository, and you will be redirected to connect a GitHub organization to your Jira site. Go ahead and Click connect.


4. GitHub for Jira will be backfilling your repository data but you can decide to change the date range, click Restart backfill and select your preferred start date.


5. If you want to connect more organizations, you can select Connect GitHub organization > Connect GitHub Cloud.

Connecting a New GitHub Repositories

If you created a new repository on GitHub after configuration, your new repository will automatically work with the integration. But if you installed the app on a subset of your repositories then you will need to manually edit your repository by following these quick steps below:

  1. Navigate to Apps > Manage your apps > GitHub for Jira > Get started.
  2. Next, select Configure on the GitHub organization and add the newly created repository this will make it to reflect on the integration.

I hope you found this blog post on how to Integrate Jira Software with GitHub Cloud. Interesting and helpful. Please in case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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