How to Disable Camera Access in Windows 10

Here are a few reasons you might want to disable camera access on your device.
– For privacy reasons (Some applications and services are capable of utilizing the built-in camera on your device. This is a great reason to have it disabled.
– You do not want to be spied upon. In this way, you do not need to cover your camera on your device any longer as malware can no longer have access to it.

Here is how this is done via Camera Settings
Launch Settings 
– Privacy
– Camera,
– And turn off Let apps use my camera.

Here are also methods to disable the camera on your device
– Via the Device Manager
– Diable it in the BIOS

Note: Many people still prefer to stick a small opaque object over the camera to privacy concerns, misuse by viruses or hackers etc. and this is totally okay and this I do as well. I use the C-Slide

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