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How to update install, update and uninstall extensions in Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center is built as an extensible platform where each connection type and tool is an extension that you can install, uninstall and update individually. You can search for new extensions published by Microsoft and other developers, and install and update them individually without having to update the entire Windows Admin Center installation.

Update Extensions: To update an extension, follow the steps below
– Navigate and select “Extension” under the Gateway
– Click on the extension and
– Finally click on Update as shown below.

Uninstall Extension: You can uninstall any extensions you have previously installed, or even uninstall any tools that were pre-installed as part of the Windows Admin Center installation.

To Uninstall an extension in Windows Admin Center, follow the steps below
– Click on the Installed extension and
– Select the name of the extension and
– Click on uninstall as shown below.

Install Extensions:
Installing from NuGet feed: Windows Admin Center will show extensions available from the specified NuGet feed. By default, Windows Admin Center points to the Microsoft official NuGet feed which hosts extensions published by Microsoft and other developers.

Here are the steps to install extensions on WAC
– Click on Extensions as shown below
– Click on Available extensions
– Click on the extension you wish to install and
– Click on Install.

Other Feeds: Installing extensions from a different feed, Windows Admin Center supports multiple feeds and you can view and manage packages from more than one feed at a time. Any NuGet feed that supports the NuGet V2 APIs or a file share can be added to Windows Admin Center for installing extensions.

  • Click the Settings button in the top-right
  • In the left pane, click Extensions.
  • On the right pane, click the Feeds tab.
  • Click the Add button to add another feed. 
  • Enter the path or URl and
  • Click on Add.
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