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How to activate DriveLock License on Windows Server

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DriveLock helps ensure the success of your business and this depends on how reliably you protect people, businesses, and your services from cyber-attacks and the loss of valuable data. Therefore, DriveLock is your partner for IT security and data security. Please refer to the following articles on “DriveLock components to master“, how to download and install DriveLock on Windows Server, how to perform DriveLock quick setup, how to install Standalone Installation DriveLock Encryption software, and how to uninstall the DriveLock Agent from your device. For comprehensive articles on DriveLock, please refer to the following link.

To get a license for evaluation purposes contact your DriveLock sales partner. Please refer to this link for the available DriveLock Suites & Product Bundles.

Here are the steps I used in activating the DriveLock license on Windows: This actually depends on how devices are added to DriveLock via User groups or group policies. Mine was based on user group in this specif scenario.
– From the Global configuration, under the license menu, click on change
– Added the License file and activated it.

Note: Under licensed computers, if there are no more devices due to the expiration of the license, Please add the Group from Active Directory (AD) and check both Bitlocker Management and DriveLock PBA for Bitlocker.

I hope you found this blog on How to activate DriveLock License on Windows post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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