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How to uninstall the DriveLock Agent

DriveLock is a lightweight software solution that helps you secure your desktop computers. It has a Multilingual User Interface (MUI), allowing you to select the desired language during installation or when running the program.

DriveLock offers dynamic, configurable access control for mobile drives (floppy disk drives, CD-ROM drives, USB memory sticks, etc.). DriveLock also lets you control the use of most other device types, such as Bluetooth transmitters, Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, cameras, smartphones, media devices, etc.

The DriveLock Agent is the most important component of the DriveLock infrastructure. It implements and enforces your policy settings and must be installed on every computer where you want to control removable drives, devices or other settings.

Scenario 1: If the DriveLock is assigned by Group Policy, you cannot remove DriveLock by just using the Add/Remove Programs application in Control Panel or Windows Settings. See the error below for this example.

You will have to create an OU to exclude this policy from applying to computers.

Scenario 2: Use this method below if you installed the agent via the installer.
– Via the Control Panel: If you installed DriveLock Agent to a computer by using the .installer file.

In this way, you can simply remove it via the “Add/Remove Programs” application in Control Panel.

Via the Command Line: DriveLock Agents can also be uninstalled using the following command line, specifying the original installation if you also installed it using the package .msi

msiexec /x DriveLockagent.msi

If you have configured DriveLock to require a password for uninstalling, you must use one the following commands.

msiexec /x DriveLockagent.msi UNINSTPWD=password
msiexec /x DriveLockagent.msi UNINSTPWDENC=encrypted-password

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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