Reviews Flexible Remote Access Software For Customer Support


Remote support services are often used by system administrators and support staff, these tools are also indispensable in remote work mode. Remote access software allows you to connect to your office computers from any location without having to install such software on your desktop. There are programs that are built into the browser (for example, Chrome Remote Desktop), but they do not have the full range of features that desktop software has. Therefore, remote access programs are now being developed that combines a desktop application and the ability to connect from a browser. One such service is, which is based on WebRTC technology and works on virtually all operating systems. Here is a similar tool: RPORT: Free and Open source remote management tool.

How To Set Up Remote Access In a Browser

WebRTC technology allows transferring data peer-to-peer with minimal delay, which directly affects the quality of the picture during the connection. 

To connect to a remote user, the operator must register at and create an account. If you need constant access to computers, add the device to your personal account and download the agent program.


Then you need to download and install the agent on the client-side. To simplify this process, create an automatic instruction, fill in all the necessary data and send it to the remote user.


The agent program looks minimalistic and weighs only 2.5 MB. It is also possible to connect with the agent via a fast link, where you can set a suitable interface language, allow mouse or keyboard control, and other functions.


During remote connection, the operator sees a panel with a set of functions that can be used in the process, among them:

  • Ability to call or write the user
  • Switch to full-screen mode
  • Keyboard sync
  • Send and download files
  • Snapshot and record connection

It is also possible to connect to another computer using the Quick Support function. To do this, the remote user does not need to install anything. Just follow the link that the technician sends him.


If you are consulting the client on the phone, just dictate a numeric code, which he will have to enter on the connection page. You can close the session when you are finished. 

In the process of remote connection, depending on the tariffs, users will have the following options:

  • Recording sessions
  • File transfer
  • Branding
  • Creating a team for administrators
  • Automatic translation of the screen
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • Black Screen

Desktop Support Application and Chrome Extension

For professional system administrators and helpdesk operators, the developers of have released a desktop application for Windows that allows you to disconnect from your browser session and synchronize your keyboard with a remote computer by using system shortcuts.


The dashboard does not present the full range of available options from the main version, but it is constantly in an authorized state, which greatly facilitates the work of technical support specialists. But if you still prefer to work from your browser and you have Google Chrome installed. You can download the extension which also allows you to quickly connect remotely to clients’ computers.

Connection to the remote desktop is absolutely secure, the service works over the HTTPS protocol and uses algorithms to detect and block attempts to brute force one-time links and passwords. Two-factor authentication is available on all tariffs.

All transmitted data is encrypted by default with 128-bit AES algorithm inside WebRTC and SSL protocols. Connecting from a browser ensures that the operator’s computer is protected from reverse access. Each version of the agent software is automatically checked for viruses. 

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