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Protect your Mac: How to download and install Norton 360 Advanced Anti-Virus on your Mac device


Norton 360 is comprehensive device security that includes a VPN to protect your online privacy. Also included in the feature is “Dark Web Monitoring”, which scans the dark web for your personally identifiable information. And if you’re a victim of identity theft, the Norton identity recovery specialists will help as well. This feature is included in Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium when you purchase it. Here are some related guides: How to setup Trend Micro WorryFree Business Security Server, How to hide or stop Apps such as OneDrive from opening automatically upon login on Macbook Pro, Change your root password: How to enable and disable the root user on your macOS, and How to fix repeated app blocking connection alerts from Norton on Mac.


Below are some of the features of Norton 360. it provides multiple layers of protection for your devices and the online privacy of your whole family – all in a single solution! You may want to learn more from the following link.

  • Real-time protection for up to 10 devices
  • Protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware
  • 200GB cloud backup for PC
  • Secure VPN for online privacy
  • Identity recovery support in the event of identity theft
  • Social media monitoring 17
  • Assistance in case of wallet theft
  • Password manager

Note: It’s easy to be careless online – but it’s also easy to protect yourself! Go cybersecurity. Purchase Norton today as it is trusted by millions of customers around the world. Norton technology blocks over 9 million online threats per day on average.

Download and Install Norton 360

Norton 360 can be downloaded from the following link. Kindly click on Agree and Download as shown below.


Upon download, double-click on the file to unzip it and click on install Norton 360 as shown below.

Click on open to OPEN the Norton 360 app download from the internet.


Click on Install as shown in the My Norton app below. I will recommend that you click Norton License Agreement and read your product license agreement before proceeding.


As you can see below, the installation is currently on-going.


At some point during the installation, you will be prompted to enter your password in order to install the helper tool. Please enter your password, and click on install helper tool.


As you can see below, the installation is successful. At this point, I will recommend you to restart your PC.


If the “My Norton” app is open, this might prevent the restarting of your device. Please quick the app as shown below.


Click on “Try Again” to initiate a restart of your PC.


Note: The Window below will be prompted to finish your setup. I will close this as I am already working on setting

After restart, you may be prompted with this window below. Do not startle, just click on Finish Setup.


You will also be prompted with this Window. Click on Open preferences.

Note: System Preferences is an application included with macOS. It allows users to modify various system settings, which are divided into separate Preference Panes.


You will be required to enter your password in order to perform this change. After entering your password, click on Unlock the Security and Privacy preferences.


From the Security and Privacy Window, click on “Allow”. This will unblock Norton 360 which was prevented from loading.


You will be asked to allow Norton to filter your network content. I will click on Allow. Why shouldn’t you? 🙂


Hence, the Norton Antivirus Server will be contacted, and thereafter, the product will b activated as shown below.


As you can see below, the device is activated and as such protected! Click on Next to continue


You can choose to protect another device by entering the email, text, or even copying the link (thereby sharing with someone) as you wish. Remember, you are able to protect up to 10 devices. Happy sharing.

But I have decided to do this later. Therefore, I will click on (I’ll do this later).


At this point, I will recommend you sign in. Kindly hit the sign-in button as shown below.


Enter your email and click on continue…


If you have 2FA setup, you will be required to enter the code from your authentication app.


I do not care about the advantages because I am already aware. Therefore, I will click on I’ll do this later.


Click to open the “Device Security” window as shown below


In this window, you can add devices, and perform LiveUpdate, Scans, and device Cleanup as well.


How to Connect to Norton VPN

Before showing you how to connect to Norton VPN and disconnect as well. I will like to describe what a VPN is and how it works.

What is a VPN and how does it work?

VPN creates an encrypted data tunnel that gives you better protection when you go online over public Wi-Fi networks. Regardless of whether you access the Internet via public Wi-Fi hotspots or your home network, your online activities cannot then be traced back to the IP address of your device. Instead, the IP address of the VPN server location is displayed.  

Also while working from home you could connect to your organization’s resources via VPN. The VPN lets remote devices, like laptops, operate as though they’re on the same local network. Using VPNs as mentioned before will help encrypt your traffic and protect your privacy from third parties and cybercriminals. I will recommend visiting the following link to learn more about VPNs.

To connect to Norton Secure VPN

From the menubar, simply click on the Norton icon and select Connect!


Note: In this menu, you can also perform a quick Norton scan, LiveUpdate, Help, PC clean, and access the Norton Settings.

Also, you could also open the My Norton App, in the Secure VPN column, and select connect.


As you can see below, we are connected to the Secure VPN as shown below. You could also see this in My Norton App.


You could disconnect from the Secure VPN in the following ways.

You could also open the secure VPN app to learn about regions etc. as discussed below.


Below, you can see the Public and the area you appear in, the region, and the option to block ad trackers.

Note: by using VPNs most time, you are being spared from ad trackers while surfing the Internet. Therefore, you can decide to clock Ad Trackers as you wish. But I don#t want to. If you wish to clear all their party cookies from your device, please see the following guide “Remove all cookies: How to remove third-party cookies from Microsoft Edge“.

Some VPNs include a technology called “ad tracker blocker”. This feature provides effective protection against your device being tracked by targeted online advertising. This means that once you visit a particular website on the internet, you will no longer come across advertisements from that website all over the place. 

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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