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How to install WireShark on a Linux Ubuntu System


Wireshark is a free and open-source packet analyzer. In addition, it is utilized for network troubleshooting, analysis, software development, communications protocol development, and instruction. Whether you’re a network administrator, developer, or security professional, installing Wireshark on your system will provide valuable insights into your network’s activities This article will show you how to install Wireshark on Linux. The commands will also work for older versions of Ubuntu as well. Other valuable articles can be found here: How to Install PlayonLinux on a Linux System and How to install Windows Server 2022 on VirtualBox and How to Set Up and Use an Upstream Branch in Git andHow to install and Uninstall Discord in a Linux System and How to install Unison on a Linux System also How to install Redis on a Linux System.

Prerequisites to Install Wireshark on Linux

  1. Ubuntu machine any version from 14.01 but for this exercise, we shall be using 22.04
  2. A user account with sudo privileges
  3. Command line interface

To install Wireshark on Linux, follow the steps below:

Step1. Update Package Index and System Dependencies

Run the following command on command line to update the core libraries:

sudo apt update 
How to install WireShark on a Linux-packagesu

Step2: Install Wireshark on Linux

Run the following command on command line to install wireshark on ubuntu system:

sudo apt install wireshark

When prompted for a yes or a no, leave it in the default settings.

How to install WireShark on a Linux-promo
wireshark configuration
How to install WireShark on a Linux-wireshack-installation-complete
wireshark installation complete

Step3: Verify Wireshark Installation on Linux Ubuntu

Use the command line to check if Wireshark was successfully installed on Ubuntu 22.04:

wireshark --version
wireshark version

Step4: Launch Wireshark

After installation, proceed to launch Wireshark on Ubuntu system. Thus, by default, Wireshark requires root privileges to capture network traffic. However, running Wireshark with root permissions is not recommended due to security concerns. To allow non-root users to capture packets, you need to grant them the necessary permissions.

Run the following command on command line to launch Wireshark on Ubuntu:

sudo wireshark
wireshark launched

Step5 : Uninstall Wireshark

Run the following command on command line to remove Wireshark from Ubuntu:

wireshark removed


In conclusion, by following the steps above, you’ll be able to install Wireshark on your Linux successfully.

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