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Setup RAID 5 and 10 Easily with MegaRAID Storage Manager

RAID 5 configuration

Looking to effortlessly setup RAID 5 and 10? MegaRAID Storage Manager lets you easily configure, monitor, and manage storage configurations on LSI SAS controllers through its user-friendly GUI. Discover seamless storage management for supported systems.

Configuring RAID 5 and 10 using MegaRAID Storage Manager

How to create RAID 5, 6 and 10 on RX300 S5

Learn how to efficiently set up RAID 5 and 10 on a Fujitsu server using local drives. This guide outlines the essential steps for seamless configuration.

Step 1: Power on the Fujitsu server and press control H while booting
Step 2: this will work you through the configuration process and prompt you with the Adaptor Selection window
– Select ‘”Adaptor No and Type Radio button and click on start”

Step 3: Now select “configuration wizard” to create and configure the RAID

Step 4: A New Configuration window pops up
Here select the new configuration to create your RAID configuration.
Note: This also clears the existing configuration and click on Next.

  • Step 5: Now select “yes” to clear the configuration
  • Step 6: Then select Manual Configuration and select “Redundancy when possible” as well and click on Next
  • Step 7: Now you are prompted with the “Drive Group Definition Window”

Note: for RAID 0, 1, 5 and 6 RAID Configuration,
— You can select ALL all the drives by holding down the
the control key and clicking on all drives
— Now click on Add to Array and
— Click on “Accept DG” and click on Next


For RAID 10 Configuration

To efficiently setup RAID 5 and 10, start by creating two “Drive Groups” from your available drives.”Drive Group 0″ and
—- The other two drives to “Drive group 1” and
—- Click on “Accept DG” and click on next

Step 8): You are prompted with the Span Definition Window,

Note: for RAID 0, 1, 5 and 6 RAID Configuration
— this configuration, you would have to select just one “Drive Group” to
— Click on Add to SPAN and click on next

Note: for RAID 10 Configuration
— For this configuration, you must add all by selecting one instance at a time. Ensure to add all to the Span Window
(Select All the “Drive Group”) and
— Click on Add to SPAN and click on next

Step 9: Now you are prompted with the virtual drive definition window where you have to
select the raid level you desire.

Note: To efficiently setup RAID 5 and 10, manually enter the desired size in the “TAB,” which may vary.

–Click on Accept and Click on Next and

Step 10: A configuration preview window is prompted,
– Click on Accept and save the configuration.

Finally click on home, exit and reboot.

Relevant links: http://virtualcloudzz.blogspot.de/2013/08/fujitsu-server-raid-configuration-steps.html

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