How to mount a USB Drive in Linux

First naviagte to the MNT directory!

root@xxxxxx:/# ls
bin dev home lib64 media opt root sbin sys usr
boot etc lib lost+found mnt proc run srv tmp var

root@axxxxx:/# cd mnt
root@xxxxxx:/mnt# ls

root@xxxxxx:/# !Here no storage devices mounted(Note)

Creating a Mount point
A mount point is a location on your directory tree to mount the partition.
The default location is /media although you may use alternate locations such as /mnt or your home directory.

Note: we are using /mnt here to mount point (mnt) and the partition (usbdrive).

root@xxxxxx:/# mkdir /mnt/usbdrive
root@xxxxxx:/# ls /mnt/

Here the usb drive partition is created

Mounting the USB Drive

root@xxxxxx:/# mount /dev/sdc
sdc sdc1
Note: Here i used “TAB” to display both device node

root@xxxxxx:/# mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/usbdrive/

Now listing the mount driveand partition we have
root@xxxxxx:/# ls mnt/usbdrive/
dump lost+found

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