How to create Windows 11 Bootable USB drive with the Media Creation Tool


With Windows 11 bootable USB drive you can use it to do an installation of a new Win 11 operating system or if you want to upgrade your OS using this Windows 11 bootable USB is the best option. But Microsoft makes it very easy to create Windows 11 bootable USB drive through the Media Creation Tool. So you need a free download of this tool from here, a flash drive or external solid-state drive or external hard disk drive with a minimum capacity of 8 Gigabytes, and a computer system. If you want to read more on bootable USB drives check these: Create a Bootable USB Drive Using dd Command on Linux, Create a multiboot USB Drive: How to put multiple OS ISO files in one Bootable USB Drive, How to create a bootable USB using Rufus on Windows

Follow the below steps on how to download this Media Creation Tool and create the Windows 11 bootable USB drive. See more related topics How to run, edit, and delete a task using Task Scheduler GUI (taskschd.msc), how to export and import scheduled tasks on Windows Server with the Task scheduler and PowerShell, how to create an advanced scheduled task on Windows Server with Windows Task Scheduler, and task scheduler errors and success code: What does code 0x41301 mean?

1: Visit the Microsoft Download Page Here. Scroll down to Create Windows 11 Installation Media

Download Page

Click on Download Now and you will see the MediaCreationTool file downloaded.

Media Creation Tool

2. Run the downloaded file and continue with the installation wizard.

Installation Wizard

3. Next choose which media to use. Remember we want to create a bootable USB drive so your selection must be “USB Flash drive”.

Choosing your media

4. Make sure you have inserted your USB drive and is displaying on the drive list. But confirm you have back-up any files on the flash drive before going ahead because any files found on the drive will be deleted.

Selecting USB Flash drive

5. Immediately you select the flash drive The Media Creation Tool will start downloading Windows 11 from Microsoft’s servers. The downloading of this tool is depended on your internet speed.

Downloading begins

6. When the downloading is completed then your Bootable USB Flash drive will be ready for use.

Bootable USB Flash Drive Ready

Below is a YouTube video of this guide on how to create a Windows 11 Bootable USB drive with the Media Creation Tool below.

I hope you found this blog post on how to create Windows 11 Bootable USB drive Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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