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What are the components needed to create a certificate signing request

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is a small file that contains information regarding the organization that is applying for an SSL certificate. It is recommended that the customer generates the CSR before ordering the SSL certificate, as once generated, the respective CA or Certification Authority uses the CSR to issue a new SSL server certificate. See how to create a request a certificate signing request in Windows using Microsoft Management Console and how to create a self-signed certificate using PowerShell

These steps actually depend on how PKI is being requested in your organization. For how to create a certificate signing request using Microsoft Management Console (MMC), see the following link.

Here are the most important details needed to request a certificate when not using an internal CA. PLEASE, provide your certificate team with the following information in order to request for a certificate.

– Common name (Alias):
– Server name:
– IP Address
– Domain
– Full computer name:
– FQDN for the primary and secondary alias e.g, techdirectarhive.local
– City/Locality
– State/County/Region
– Organizational Unit: The division of your organization handling the certificate.
– Organization: The legal name of your organization. This should not be abbreviated and should include suffixes

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