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The logon attempt failed for the remote desktop connection

logon attempt failed

Remote Desktop is one of the rich features of Windows 10 which enables users to remotely connect to computer devices. With the help of an internet connection, users can share their desktop screen with any other computer device located remotely. Here are some guides that I have written on RDP, how to allow saved credentials for RDP connection, how to remove saved RDP credentials entries in Windows 10, and please visit the following link for more articles on RDP. Here are some articles I have written relating to Active Directory; How to set up a Domain Controller, what is Active Directory Forest, Trees, Domain and Sites, how to install and configure Active Directory Certificate Services, how to set up Azure AD Tenant and methods for integrating Azure Active Directory with on-premise Active Directory.

In this article, I will be resolving this issue "The logon attempt failed for the remote desktop connection".
remote desktop connection

Logon attempt failed for the remote desktop

Sometimes this Remote Desktop Feature will not work correctly for multiple reasons as described below
– Remote Desktop cannot connect to the computer
- Windows 10 RDP client stopped working
- The user is not part of the right security group allowed to connect via RDP
- Remote Desktop stopped working after Windows update
- The feature won’t connect over the internet

While using this Remote Desktop feature on Windows 10, you might encounter a “logon attempt failed” error as shown in the figure above. The following are the various user IDs I tried and none of them was successful “”.
Note: This does not relate to the Password issues: The password is correct and existing authentication via RDP was possible.

If you are able to ping the server, and the following below are correct, then the issue is half solved. Verify the following settings
– Check if RDP is enabled and allowed on your firewall as this can be easily overwritten by mistake or broken by Windows Update.
– Temporarily disable your Anti-Virus agent to test for possible issues. If everything is fine, then RDP should work. This means you do not have PC or Domain related issues.

My Solution (Fix): - Give the server time to properly recover and for it to start all services.
- check with your network team for disruption in the network

Other recommendations
1: Instead of just copying and pasting the password, simply type the password
2: Also check for allowed programs Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall

remote desktop login

3: Check if the “RDP service” is running on the server as shown below

4: Other checks you may want to check.
– For me, it was not necessary to check the GPO enabled for limiting remote desktop and how many can logon at time. You may also have to check this. For more information on GPO, see the following article “Group Policy Object: What is Group Policy Object and how does it work” For other articles I have written on GPO, see the following link.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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