How to disable unused Cisco Access Ports

How to disable unused Cisco Access Ports

Access ports are used primarily for hosts and can only carry traffic for a single VLAN. Access ports are the frames received on the interface that are assumed to not have a VLAN tag and are assigned to the specified VLAN. For more articles, see the following links: Configuring WSUS Email Notification to Work With Office365. How to setup and configure Windows server update services (WSUS). Important Areas to Master on WSUS (Installed and not applicable, Install 1/4, and Installed / Not applicable 100). Targeting WSUS Client with the Registry keys: How to configure WSUS Clients to get Updates from the WSUS server using Registry settings.

Internal security policies may mandate that an unused port must be protected by several layers to disallow access to the network. (i.e, shutdown the ports). Here’s how to disable unused Cisco Access Ports.

Task: Disable interfaces Gi0/1 to G10/24 on switch7 for example


switch7(config)#interface range Gi0/1-24

I hope you found this blog post on How to disable unused Cisco Access Ports helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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Haesten Curry
9 months ago

Nice blog. Yes this could be done and I think this is worth a try. Disabling unused Cisco Access Ports is something I a bit unfamiliar with but I would say, this is something very good.

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