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How to move a computer object from one container (OU) to another

move computer object

There are times you will want to move a computer or user object to a new OU in order to allow the security (GPO) policies to apply to them. In my case, I will be moving the AnsibleServer to a different OU in order to apply the DriveLock policy to it. This will ensure DriveLock Agents are automatically deployed to the computers.

Method 1: I will be demonstrating these steps using Active Directory Users and Computer Console.
– Launch the Active Directory User and Computer Tool as shown below
– Navigate to the desired OU and
– Move the computer object from the Computer default container to EmployeePC OU as shown below


You will be prompted with a waring window as shown above,
– Select “Yes” acknowledging that you are okay with policies being altered.

Method 2: The first method I discussed above can be a bit risky as you can easily move an object into a wrong OU. So I prefer using this method below.

– Navigate to the OU (computer container) where the computer you wish to move is.
– Right-click on the computer object you wish to move
– Click on move

transfer computer object

This will open the move object into container window as shown below
– Select the desired OU you wish to move the object into

move computer object

Now when you click on the EmployeePC OU, the computer object will be available in the OU.

Note: The same principles applies to moving a user object as well.

Method 1: Moving User object in Active Directory.
– Just move the user object into the right container and
– Click on Yes to accept the security warning

Method 2: Right-click on the user object and move it to the desired OU as shown below. This is the recommended method.

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