Change the default Save and Download Location in Windows


Sometimes you may just want to change the save and download location from the default location to another location on the system. Also, there could be situations of reduced space on the system which will necessitate that you isolate any downloaded files from your system. You can move your Downloads folder and default save location to another drive on the same computer system or to an external drive to create space on your system. In this guide, you will learn how to change the default Save and Download Location in Windows. Please here are some related guides: Saving XTM configuration file to a local or network drive, how to move OneDrive Folder to a Different Location in Windows 10, how to move a computer object from one container (OU) to another, and how to search in Windows 10 to find a file or program,

Change the default Download Location in Windows

To change the default save location in Windows 11 follow these steps:

Windows Start Button

2. Select System and click Storage from the list on the right.

System and Storage

Select Advanced Storage Settings

3. Click on advanced storage settings and from the drop-down click on Where new content is saved.

Advanced storage settings

4. On the Where new content is saved you will see the default location to save New apps, New documents, New music, New photos, New movies. You can click any of them and select new location or new drive.

Where new content is saved

Any drive you select must be connected to your computer system and accessible before you can save to it.

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How to change Default Downloads Folder Location in Windows 11

It was explained above that sometimes you may not have any space on your system and you will need to change the download location to an external storage or you may just want to change to another location on the same system. To change the default download location in Windows 11 and 10 follow these steps:

5. In the File Explorer right-click on the Downloads folder and click Properties.

Download Properties

6. In the Downloads Properties page click the Location tab and change the path of the Downloads folder to your desired choice. You can type it if you know it or click Find Target button to browse to the new location. You can also move all the files to another location by clicking on the Move button. Make sure you accept any popup message that will be displayed and click OK.

Download Properties

How to change Default Save Location in Windows 10

7. Go to Settings and click on Systems

System Settings

8. Click Storage and on the More storage settings Click on Change where new content is saved. In the next page you can make adjustment to your desired location.

Storage Location

I hope you found this blog post on how to change the default Save and Download Location in Windows Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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