How to scale up and scale out on Azure

The following terms “scaling up” and “scaling out” are usually used in cloud environments. The cover image of this blog post clearly differentiates both terms as well.

Scaling up, or vertical scaling means to increase the memory, storage, or compute power on an existing virtual machine. For example, you can add additional memory to a web or database server to make it run faster.

Scaling out, or horizontal scaling means to add extra virtual machines to power your application. For example, you might create many virtual machines configured in exactly the same way and use a load balancer to distribute work across them.

Note: The Cloud is elastic and scaling up and down is possible.

To Scale up, click on the Scale up (App Service Plan)

Compare the plans

To Scale-Out: Click on the Scale-Out (App Service Plan) under settings as shown above under settings.

I could not demonstrate these steps further as this was in a learning environment on Microsoft.
– If you require additional information on these steps and recommendations, kindly drop a comment below.

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