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Ansible: No python interpreters found for the host

As you can see from the error, python is not present in the target machine.
This error is false!

Note: Starting in version 1.7, Ansible also contains support for managing Windows machines. This uses native PowerShell remoting, rather than SSH.
When Ansible runs from a Linux control machine, it uses the “WinRM” Python module to talk to remote hosts.
– No additional software is needed on the remote machines for Ansible to run. It still maintains the agentless properties that make it popular on Linux/Unix.

Also, on Linux, all major Linux distribution have Python 2 or 3 or both installed by default. Therefore, python is not the problem.

Solution: Take a look at your playbook!
– For me, I had some modules that weren’t meant to run on Windows in my playbook. And as such the above errors were prompted.

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