DbxSvc Process: How to Fix “Cannot Start Proctored Exam”


The EXE file extension is used by Dbxsvc.exe, which is also known as a Dropbox Service file. Dropbox, Inc. generated this file as a Win32 EXE (Executable application) file for Dropbox. DbxSvc Process was originally released with Dropbox 72.4.136 on the Windows 10 Operating System on 05/07/2019. This issue that’s caused by DbxSvc Process can be a stumbling block for you when you’re about to write your certification test at home with Pearson VUE. I faced the issue when I was about to take my test with Pearson VUE, and since I couldn’t rectify it immediately, I had my exam cancelled and rescheduled by the proctor. So I’m putting up this short guide to help others who may encounter the same error while attempting to write their exam with Pearson VUE. The file that is causing all of these problems is called dbxsvc.exe, and it is tied to Dropbox.

This file’s primary function is to install Dropbox’s Smart Sync driver. If you have the Dropbox application installed on your computer, you may encounter this problem during testing if you don’t manually end the background process before your exam.

To read more on ways to resolve issues similar to the issue we’re about to resolve now refer to the following guides: Disk Drill: How to Recover Deleted Temp Files on Windows 10 and 11, how to change or cancel your Trello plan, and how to fix error “The request to add or remove features on the specified server failed”.

There are a few services which the Proctortrack app cannot close due to restricted access and exam takers need to close those services from the task manager or any other methods available to them. We’ll walk through 3 methods of ending the DbxSvc process. Please follow the following steps to close the DbxSvc manually : 

Method 1 -Ending the DbxSvc Process through the Task Manager

Step 1 – Right-click on Task Bar at the bottom of your Windows PC to launch the " Task Manager ". Alternatively, press the ALT+CTRL+DELETE keys simultaneously to open the Task Manager.

Opening Task Manager

Step 2 – Click on ” More Details “.

Click on more details

 Step 3 – Under " Background processes "  locate  " Dropbox Service ". Click to expand the button,  and select " DbxSvc "  and then simply click on "End Task "

End Background Process

You should be able to continue with your test after ending the process.

Method 2 – Ending DbxSvc Process with Command Prompt

To end the DbxSvc process with the command prompt, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows key once
  2. Type the command prompt in the Windows Search box and right-click to open it as an administrator
Opening the Command Prompt

3. Type the command below:

sc stop DbxSvc
Stopping DbxSvc with Command Prompt

4. Run the command below to delete the DbxSvc

sc delete DbxSvc
DbxSvc deleted

Method 3 –  Disable Service under Services

Note: Deleting or disabling the DbxSvc may result in future issues. You will have troubles later if you opt to decide to get the Smart Sync because it is tied to it (or any other feature that might be dependent on DbxSvc). As a result, proceed at your own risk.

Meanwhile, for many individuals, simply disabling the DbxSvc Process has addressed the problem. This is for people that want to keep Dropbox but are having trouble with the event viewer.

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Type services.msc and press Enter

3. Locate and double click the service named DbxSvc

Locate DbxSvc Service

4. Select Disabled from the drop down menu in Startup Type and then click on Stop

Select Disabled and Press Stop

5. Click Apply then select Ok

Click Apply and Ok

The alternate option of stopping the DbxSvc process service is to click Stop directly on the services menu after highlighting it as shown below.

Stopping DbxSvc Service
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1 year ago

Thank you!! This literally happened to me this afternoon and I wasn’t able to take my test and I hope they will allow me to reschedule it. Your tutorial here allowed me to figure out it, though it was five hours too late. Now, I know what to do for my next test.

11 months ago

Awesome, thanks so much – task manager wouldnt stop it (it would immediately restart), so disabling the service did the trick 🙂

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