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Fix Mendeley Cite Error has occurred: ECITE40001 (ac1x80sr)

Mendeley Error Code ACLx80sr

Mendeley is one of several options for citation management software. In this article, we shall discuss steps to “Fix Mendeley Cite Error ECITE40001 (ac1x80sr)”. Starting in 2020, Mendeley’s focus was on an online client that has a matching desktop version, called Mendeley Reference Manager. Please see Mendeley Cite ECITE40001 Error: Fix issue using Microsoft Word Desktop application, and Install Mendeley Reference Manager: How to integrate Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word on Mac.

Mendeley Desktop is still available, but it is no longer being updated. The mobile app is no longer available as of the time of writing this artile. This software will allow you to:

  • Create and manage citations of books, articles, videos, and more
  • Import citations from databases, websites, and library catalogues
  • Upload PDFs you have on your computer to find their citation information
  • Collaborate with other researchers online
  • Find relevant papers based on what you’re reading
  • Highlight and annotate papers and share those notes with others
  • Organize using groups, tags, and filters

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Why was this error prompted “ECITE40001 (ac1x80sr)”

The error below was prompted because the Mendeley Reference Manager wanted me to sign in again. Also, had earlier cleared the cookies on my PC and I was supposed to log in again, but I did not.

ECITE40001 (ac1x80sr)

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Why does Medenley Cite require login from time to time?

Mendeley Reference Manager requires users to log in periodically for several reasons:

  • Requiring periodic login helps enhance the security of user accounts and data. By prompting users to log in again, it ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the account.

    This is important because reference managers often store valuable research materials, including academic papers and bibliographic data.
  • Frequent logins help ensure that the person using the software is the legitimate account holder. This is particularly important for services like Mendeley, which may offer features like cloud storage and synchronization across devices.

    Reauthentication helps protect against unauthorized access to synced data.
  • Users may change their passwords, or their login sessions may expire for security reasons. Requiring periodic login prompts users to verify their credentials, ensuring that they still have access to their accounts and that the account hasn’t been compromised.
  • Since Mendeley is used in an organizational or academic setting. It requires users to periodically log in to verify their license or institutional affiliation.

    This helps ensure that only authorized users are accessing premium or institutional features.
  • Often times Mendeley releases updates or changes to their terms of service. Requiring users to log in can be a way to prompt them to review and accept these updates or terms.
  • To manage server resources efficiently, online services often use session timeouts. If a user remains inactive for a certain period. They will be logged out automatically.

    Requiring a login after such timeouts is a way to ensure the user’s identity and maintain the security of their account.

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Resolve Mendeley Reference Manager Error has occurred

Kindly launch Mendeley Reference Manager as shown below and sign-in.

Medenley cite require login

As you can see below, I have successfully logged in again.

Mendeley login

Next, launch your word application, navigate to the Reference Tab, and on the “i” icon, select Reload as shown below.

Reload Mendeley

As you can see, Mendeley Cite is working correctly.

Mendeley working again

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FAQs on Mendeley Cite Errors

Why am I seeing a specific error code, such as “ECITE40001,” in Mendeley Cite?

Error codes in Mendeley Cite typically indicate specific issues with the software or your document setup. To resolve them, it’s best to refer to Mendeley Cite’s official documentation or contact their support for guidance.

Also, you will find the Microsoft and GitHub platforms useful due to the communication and action taken on issues.

How can I prevent citation errors from occurring in Mendeley Cite?

To prevent citation errors, make sure your references in your Mendeley library are accurate and properly formatted. Also, regularly update your Mendeley Cite software to the latest version to benefit from bug fixes and improvements.

I hope you found this blog post useful on “Fix Mendeley Cite Error ECITE40001 (ac1x80sr)”. Please let me know in the comment section if you have any questions.

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