How To Add Google Drive To File Explorer in Windows


It is very possible to have your Google Drive configured to your Windows system just like how we have OneDrive coming with Windows system as a default Cloud drive from Microsoft. Both Google and OneDrive are among the best Cloud solutions we have online and you can try many features that come with the free or personal plan of Google Drive before going for the enterprise version which comes at a cost. In this guide, I will be showing you How to Add Google Drive to File Explorer in Windows. Please see how to integrate TestRail with Jira

After adding your Google Drive to your system you will be able to see it under devices and drives. You can further read more on Uninstalling the OneDrive App and How to remove Quick Access from Google Drive Online (Web), How To Install Google Cloud SDK on a Linux System, This is the Best Way to Backup Dropbox to Box in 2022. See the YouTube video for similar steps.

The below image shows how the file explorer looks before adding the Google Drive


Integrate Google Drive with Windows

Follow these steps to Add Google Drive to File Explorer on Windows. Here are some exciting articles Process Explorer: Replace built-in Task Manager, and How to make Cortana use your default web browser such as Google Chrome.

1. First you will need to Download Google Drive for your desktop. Browse the website and download the Google Drive desktop version

2. Download to your computer and install

The installation file size is usually above 100MB. Launch the installation and wait briefly to complete the installation.


3. After Installation

Once the installation is completed successfully click on Launch and click on Get Started.


4. Sign in or Create a new Gmail account

If you already have an account on Gmail you can sign in with your credentials but if you don’t have an account you will need to create a new account and you can sign in after.


5. Authentication Process

During authentication, you will be asked for your 2FA authentication details if you previously configured it. After that you will receive the below message. Click Sign in to continue.


The next message you will see is Success Message.


6. Configure you Google Drive Settings

You can start configuring you Google Drive settings Safely store your files in the Drive and open it from your computer


7. You can search for Google Drive on your Search bar to open it.

Immediately you search and click on it, you will see the Google Drive icon in the File Explorer. Please note that you can also remove Google Drive from File Explorer by signing out of the app or exiting the app. The amount of storage space used and left will be displayed.


You may want to see how to set Google as default: How to set a browser as default in Windows 10, How to install Googler on a Linux System, and How to use the Process Explorer from SysInternals Tools.

FAQs on Google Drive and File Explorer

How do I add Google Drive to my file explorer?

Download and Install the Google Drive app. After installation, the Google Drive will appear in the File Explorer like a separate hard drive. You can also remove Google Drive from File Explorer by signing out of the app.

Can I use Google Drive in Windows File Explorer?

You can use Google Drive desktop to sync your files and back up some of your photos and videos.

I hope you found this blog post on How To Add Google Drive To File Explorer in Windows. Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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