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How to Deploy MVC Application to AWS EC2 Using RDP Connection and Web Deploy


What is AWS EC2? AWS EC2 is an amazon compute service, it is an instance of virtual server that can quickly be used to run applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. What is RDP? This is a remote desktop protocol that you can use to remotely connect to a Windows computer. What is Web Deploy? Web Deploy is a Microsoft Deployment tool that simplifies how migration, management, and deployment of IIS web servers, web applications, and websites is done. If you want to read some other guides on AWS App deployments read these How to Deploy Dynamic Website to AWS EC2, How to host Static Website and Versioning on AWS S3, How to deploy an Angular App to AWS S3

Setting up your AWS Account

AWS Account Signup
AWS Login Page
  • After logging in go to the service section and click on EC2. And launch an EC2 instance.
Launching Instance
  • In this guide I will be using Windows Server 2022 Base as the Machine I will be using for the deployment of the .Net App.
Setting up of AMI Instance
  • Continue to follow the installation wizard and click Next: Configure Instance Details
Setting up of AMI Instance
  • Configure your Security Group, check the below image and set your configuration accordingly.
Setting the Security Group
  • The next step is to create a key pair that will give you access to the instance, enter your desired key pair and download and keep it.
Creating a Key Pair
  • Launch the instance and wait for the process to complete. Confirm that the Status check passed.
Launch Status Check
  • On the instance summary click on connect button and click on RDP. Make sure you open the port 3389 for the RDP for access on the inbound rules.
Instance Summary
  • On the next page click the RDP client and download remote desktop file which u will launch as the RDP interface to connect. Then click on the Get password and
RDP Configuration
  • In the next page browse to the location you kept the key pair file and click on Decrypt Password.
Key Pairing

If everything goes fine you will get the below success message:

Password Decryption Successful

The password for instance i-003f9a78cbb964aa8 was successfully decrypted.

You will now be able to connect via RDP to the instance with username as Administrator and the password that was decrypted.

Connecting Via RDP
  • You will now need to launch the remote desktop file that was earlier saved and connect via RDP.
Connecting Via RDP
  • Click the Connect button and enter username and password and click OK.
Remote Desktop Protocol Connection

Yipee!!! We have successfully accessed the Amazon Machine Image (AMI), the Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Edition.

Instance Running
  • From the Windows Server, download and install Microsoft Web Deploy from here
Microsoft Web Deploy
  • The next step is to add role on the Server Manager. Add Web Server (IIS) and also .NET Framework 4.7 or Higher and under security role services you can also select Basic Authentication, under Application Development select .Net Extensibility 4.7 or Higher and ASP.NET 4.7 or Higher, under Management Tools select Management Service after adding all these you can start installing.
Adding Server Roles
  • Confirm the IIS has been properly installed by typing inetmgr in the run
Accessing your IIS Management Via inetmgr

The below image will be displayed if the installation was successful

IIS Management
  • You also need to confirm the IIS via the HTTP by copying the public IP for our instance to a browser. The below display must be what you get at your end.
IIS Confirmation Display
  • On the IIS Manager click on the Management Service and confirm that the enable remote connections is selected.
Setting Up IIS
  • On the Authentication page make sure that the Basic Authentication is Enabled.
IIS Configuration
  • On the same IIS Management go to the Sites section and remove the Default Web Site.
IIS Configuration
  • After removing the Default Web Site add a new Website
Adding a New Website
  • Add your Site name and in the Physical path locate inetpub folder and create a new folder for your app inside the wwwroot folder and select the new folder and click ok.
Site Configuration
  • Now select the site you created and click on Deploy > Configure Web Deploy Publishing
  • On the pop up box click on Setup so that a publish file will be created.
Site Deployment
  • The next step is to create a .Net project on Visual Studio and select MVC as the project template. I will be doing this on my local system.
Creating a new Project
  • After creating the project, you can build the project by clicking on IIS Express (Microsoft Edge)
Launching your local app
  • The below image shows that the project build successfully.
Published Site locally
  • Now go back to the instance server and copy the published file that was saved on the desktop and paste somewhere on your local system.
  • Go to the solution explore in Visual Studio and right-click on your project and publish.
  • Import the publish file you copied from the AWS instance Windows Server.
Publishing configuration
  • Next you need to edit the publish file and replace it with the public IP of your instance
  • Go to the instance and copy the public IP and replace anywhere we have “EC2AMAZ-MGO0TR-8172”.
  • Enter the machine password too and click on Validate Connection.
Editing Published Profile

Just like the image below:

Publishing Connection Setup
  • Immediately you click on the Validate Connection button you should see the below image. Click on the Accept  button.
Validation Connection
  • If the connection is fine you will see the Validation Connection passed. Then click Next.
Validation Connection
  • On the next page leave the Configuration drop down as Release then click on Save.
  • Then click on Publish
Ready to Publish
  • Enter your server password to start the publish
Enter your Window Server Password
  • You will see the publish status
Publishing Status
  • If the publish is successful, you will see the below
Publishing Status
  • The below image is a confirmation that our ASP.NET app has been published to our AWS instance server with public IP
App Successfully Published
  • Now let’s try to edit the app and republish. The below is my result after editing and republished:
Edited App Successfully Published

I hope you found this blog post on How to Deploy MVC Application to AWS EC2 Using RDP Connection and Web Deploy very interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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Randy Wright
Randy Wright
2 months ago

Fantastic! The granularity of the steps is perfect. It really does take all these steps and without this great article there would be no chance of success. Even a small mistake ruins the whole pudding. I noticed that he had no trouble getting past the dreaded Web Deploy flaw with the certificates and AWS. I hope he can help me with that.

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