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How to monitor your website uptime and status using Uptime

Website monitoring

There is a need to monitor your website uptime and status and the best online tool out there is which does more than check for your website availability. It monitors for any critical performance issues existing on the website. Furthermore, It has a reporting feature where you can share status reports with management or other team members. It will also provide you with crucial details for accurate root cause analysis. It helps create website reliability for your customers. You can also read this How to Improve Website Response using Traffic Manager and Using SonarCloud: How to Integrate SonarCloud with Azure DevOps Pipeline these are different tools that work for traffic and security respectively.

However, To start using Uptime, check the Uptime website here and purchase a plan or request for a trial and start monitoring.

Uptime monitoring tools
Website Homepage

Start with Uptime Monitoring: Navigate the Monitoring Menu.

Furthermore, after registering for a trial which only lasts for 21 days you can login and navigate to the Monitoring menu, under it we have checks, Transaction, Real User Monitoring, Monitor Entire Site, Page Speed, and Global Uptime.

Website status tracking
Uptime Dashboard

We will only briefly talk about Monitor Entire Site, Page Speed, and Global Uptime.

  • Monitor Entire Site:  this feature is good to monitor your entire website domain. Moreover, I check for web, DNS, email issues, and website blacklist status.
Online service reliability
Entire Site Monitoring

Moreover, The test result below with information that will help improve your website.

Website monitoring
Test Result

Page Speed:  However, This feature is used to measure your page speed from different locations in the world and provide you with recommendations on how to increase the speed.

Website Speed Test

You will get the test result and you will know where you are doing well and what needs to be improved.

Test result

Global Uptime:  Nonetheless, This feature is used to measure the response time of your site from different locations around the world.

Global Uptime Test

However, The test result will contain responses from different locations globally

Test Result

I hope you found this blog post on How to monitor your website uptime and status using Uptime interesting and helpful. Furthermore, In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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