How to install Zoom video conference software in Linux System


Zoom is a real-time message, cloud-based video conference solution, it enables the sharing of digital content as part of the features of the communication and conferencing platform ZOOM. You may hold webinars, schedule conference rooms for online meetings, and schedule meetings using the ZOOM program. This post will teach you how to install ZOOM on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa using two approaches. Here is a related guide: How to install Zoom on macOS Big Sur, Mojave, Catalina, High Sierra, and Capitan, how to download a shared ZOOM recording, how to update Zoom Desktop Client on macOS, how to stop the Zoom App from launching automatically at startup on Mac, and Turn off calls from iPhone: How to unlink FaceTime from Mac.

Who can use Zoom?

Even though Zoom is geared for enterprises, the size of the organization matters. As you may have seen, Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms support a large number of people, and that isn’t required for everyone. In actuality, Zoom will satisfy all of your demands if your business is young and has a small number of employees, but you might not want to subscribe just yet. Zoom has a free version that is ideal for extremely tiny enterprises, but there is a catch. The sessions are restricted to 40 minutes. There is a solution for this restriction in the form of an infinite number of meetings.

Benefits of Zoom

Supports Huge Audience members: The capacity to hold sizable online conferences is one of the key benefits. This is perfect for companies with a large number of employees because few services can match the number of participants permitted in a Zoom Room. This is also an excellent thing to have if you want to chat to potential investors or arrange business collaboration events. But it’s not only for workers. Up to 10,000 virtual participants may register for your webinars if you use Zoom. For individuals who are new to Webinars, this enormous audience will be far too much. However, there is certainly room for expansion.

Streams Meetings on Facebook: Making it simple for guests to participate is one of the most difficult aspects of hosting any kind of event. However, Zoom provides a terrific method for doing this by enabling any meeting or webinar to be streamed on Facebook. With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is the most widely used social networking platform online, as we are all aware. As a result, practically everyone will already have a functioning Facebook account; if not, creating one is free and simple. This is a fantastic approach to gaining more Facebook fans as well. For instance, you may use Zoom to webcast a webinar on your Facebook Business Page.

Can be used for free: It’s not simple to host any kind of event, and one of the most challenging aspects is While Zoom is a subscription-based service, it does allow you to have unlimited 40-minute long meetings at free charge. This is excellent for anyone interested in trying out the service or for brand-new, extremely tiny organizations searching for a free conferencing service. During the COVID-19 epidemic, this is extremely helpful. Many small firms weren’t ready to move to an online working environment. Making this adjustment is not only challenging but also costly. You may save money and keep things simple by using the free version.

Installation Requirement

The following requirements below are needed to install Zoom on Linux. We shall be installing Zoom using 2 different methods.

  1. Ubuntu 20.04 or Higher
  2. A Linux Machine with Sudo privileges

Method 1: Using Console or Terminal

Before we begin, verify your webcam and microphone, because the ZOOM conferencing program relies on these peripherals.

Update your APT first, always. Type the following commands into the terminal window that is open on your Ubuntu desktop.

sudo apt update

Next, you will have to install the Zoom-Client. With the command below, the ZOOM client software will be downloaded and installed using this method from the Ubuntu software repository.

sudo snap install zoom-client

Launch ZOOM, you can do that with the command or go and launch it manually

zoom &

To use Zoom, use the following command in your terminal or navigate to your application launcher and search for Zoom


Method 2: Using GUI

Step 1: I’ll now demonstrate how to install Zoom using a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Open Moxilla Firefox browser on your Ubuntu Machine, and navigate to the downloads page of Zoom. You can access the link here:

down load

As seen in the accompanying screenshot, the green arrow would bring out the software center

Step 2: Download and Extract

right-click to extract

Step 3: Install ZOOM Client App

install zoom

Step 4 -Launch ZOOM Client App: Look for zoom in your list of applications from the Ubuntu Software center and start using Zoom.

Uninstall Zoom

If you want to uninstall, run the following command in the terminal.

sudo apt remove zoom

We installed Zoom using the CLI method and the GUI by following the steps shown above. I hope you found this blog post helpful. Please let me know in the comment session if you have any questions.

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