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Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams: A How-To Guide

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app that is part of the Microsoft Office 365 product range. It’s a business collaboration tool that includes lots of important features and the ability to integrate with Outlook seamlessly. One of these features is the whiteboard, which lets the presenter and other users to visually communicate information to colleagues. Consider the Whiteboard you use in your office’s conference room, except this one is virtual. It may be used to brainstorm ideas on the digital canvas. If you haven’t made use of it already, here’s how to utilize the Whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

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How to Use the Whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

To use the whiteboard feature in Microsoft Teams:

Launch the Microsoft Teams app and click on calendar. Next, click on “New meeting” to create a meeting or press “Meet now” to start a meeting and a get a link to send to people to join the Meeting.

Interactive Whiteboard
Microsoft Teams: Calendar

When the session begins, the members you sent the invite or link to need to click the Join now button.

Digital Whiteboarding
Microsoft Teams: Joining meeting

To bring out the whiteboard, click the Share content icon and click the Microsoft Whiteboard option.

Collaboration Whiteboard
Microsoft Teams: Opening Microsoft whiteboard

Once the whiteboard loads up, you can start drawing and more. You can bring up different thicknesses, styles, and colors in the writing pens section. You can also add different shapes, emoticons, and other objects.

Online Whiteboard Tools
Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

During the meeting, you can allow people in the meeting to edit the board as long as all meeting participants are connected to a reliable connection. To enable this, click on settings and toggle on “Other participants can edit.”

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

How to Export a Whiteboard Image in Teams

If you’ve worked on a whiteboard in a Teams meeting, you might want to save it for later. You can export the image to work on it later or to share it with others.

To export a Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams:

In a Microsoft Teams meeting, click the Settings icon and choose Export image from the menu.

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

Select the resolution you want to save the image at and click the Export button.

Exporting Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

Now the image will export to your default Downloads folder. If you choose Standard, the image will be in the JPG format, while High will export it in the PNG format.


You’ll realize how beneficial a whiteboard can be once you start using it in a Teams meeting. After that, you can start using more advanced tools, such as designing project templates for special meetings. 

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