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How to install Fax Server on a Windows Server


With a Fax machine, you can send and receive fax messages. With a Windows fax Server role, you are able to configure the receiving and sending of fax messages centrally just the same way you configure a print server in an organization. There is no need to start installing the fax machine on individual workstations because, with the Windows Fax Server role, there is a shared fax functionality that will point end users or different workstations to themselves. Fax printer, Fax service, Fax Service Manager, Windows Fax and Scan are all part of the Fax Server roles. Inside the Fax Service Manager, there is a Microsoft MMC snap-in whose function is to provide a centralized point of administration for the Fax services. In this guide, you will learn how to install Fax Server on a Windows Server.

While the Windows Fax and Scan will help you with adding accounts, and monitoring how fax is going out and coming in. Read more on other installation Windows Server: What are the differences between a role and a feature, Network File System: How to install NFS Server on Windows Server, How to install and configure an FTP Server on Windows Server, How to install a windows server container host.

Follow the steps below carefully and you will be able to install and configure the Windows Fax Server successfully:

Install Windows Fax Server server role

1: Installing the Windows Fax Server server role. Go to the Server Manager of Windows Server and in the server role select Fax Server and click Next.


2. All these role services will be installed before you can use Fax Server. When prompted, click Add Features to add all the role services.


3. Now on the role services screen select Print Server and click Next. This will install Print and Document Services.


4. Complete the installation by clicking More on the Fax Server page.


Post-deployment Configuration

5. Complete the Post-deployment Configuration by clicking on the Perform additional configuration on the Action column.


Configuration completed and the Fax Service Manager shows.


6. Install and share the Fax connection under Devices and Printers which will be created automatically.


7. The next thing is to share the Fax device. Open the Printer properties and share the printer.


8. You can now add and remove Fax devices. Double-click on the Fax icon to open the Windows Fax and Scan and navigate to Tools > Fax Accounts. You can follow the wizard to create a Fax account and you can start sending Faxes.


Here is a YouTube video on ow to install Windows Fax Server on Windows Server

I hope you found this blog post on how to install Windows Fax Server in Windows Server Interesting and helpful. You may also want to take a look at this Microsoft documentation. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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