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Domain Join: The following error occurred attempting to rename the computer, Account already exists

An Active Directory (AD) domain is basically the same as an internet domain. It “defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, and control” for a group of computers. Active Directory Domain names are controlled by the same set of rules and principles, that govern traditional Domain Name Systems (DNS). The domain-based network provides centralized administration for corporate networks from a centralized location and this enables users to access only the resources for which they have been granted access. For how to set up a domain, see the following link. Also for how to add a second DC, see the following link. For how to join a PC to a Domain, see the following link.

For many reasons, you may want to rename your device (VM) and you will be prompted with the following error. This could be a result of the organization’s policies not being adhered to but not limited to this alone.

The solution to fix this issue is to simply remove the device from the Domain and rejoined. Simply trying to rename it will NEVER work. Follow the following steps

– Under Advanced System settings
– Click on change

Select Workgroup and enter the name in the Workgroup area

Enter your credentials to confirm

If you have the right credentials to perform this action, it will end up successfully.

After prompting the above dialog box, it will prompt you to restart

– Click on Ok
– Close all dialog boxes and Click on restart Now

After the restart, you can now rejoin the device to the domain
– Under Advanced System settings
– Click on Change settings

– Enter the right domain name

Enter your credentials to complete the process.

After successfully joining the domain, you will get a welcome message. Here is a guide on how to join a PC to the Domain.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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