How to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Responding


Sometimes your Microsoft Edge can malfunction by freezing during use, this browser can become unresponsive as a result of opening too many tabs, the latest updates required, or some extensions have become corrupt. It’s always frustrating to encounter Microsoft Edge becoming unresponsive while carrying out your research or other online task. If you are having this issue then read through this article as I will be showing you How to fix Microsoft Edge not responding. Please see How to configure a new tab page URL in Microsoft Edge, and how to Manage Edge Browser on Linux.

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Steps to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Responding

1. Relaunch (Close and Reopen) Microsoft Edge

Sometimes the unresponsiveness can reach the level of the browser close button not working. The best approach to fixing this issue is using Task Manager.

Right-click on the Windows icon on the taskbar and select Task Manager or right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.


2. Task Manager Processes

Click on the Processes tab. Right-click Microsoft Edge and select End Task from the context menu.


3.    Repair the Microsoft Edge

If you notice that the Microsoft Edge always freezes up while browsing, then the option of repairing the Microsoft Edge can be utilized.

Open Settings and select Apps. On the right-hand section click on Installed apps.


4. Modify Microsoft Edge

Type Microsoft Edge in the search box and click the three-dot menu on the right and select Modify.


5. Repair Microsoft Edge

Click the repair button.


6.    Progress bar

A progress bar showing the downloading status for a new Microsoft Edge and once it’s done it will be relaunched.


7. Updating the Browser

If you experience this, you can try updating the browser. Click the three-dot menu and click Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge


8.   Disable Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

When your extensions are corrupt, and you have so many of them could cause this issue. The best way to resolve this issue is by disabling or uninstalling them can fix the problem.

Click on the extension icon and select Manage Extensions.


You can decide to Remove or Disable any installed extensions.


9.  Close some open tabs or increase your system memory.

When you open many tabs can make your Microsoft Edge not respond well. Your system memory too may be too small to process many opened tabs so you will need to increase your system memory.

FAQs on Edge Issues

Why is my Microsoft Edge not responding?

Your computer may have run out of memory and the more you load tabs the more it becomes unresponsive, you will need to free up memory by closing some unused tabs or try to increase your system memory.

How do I report a problem with Microsoft Edge?

Click Help and Feedback > Send feedback. Fill out the form, being sure to include a description of the problem, relevant URL, and any screenshots or videos. Make sure you click Allow (recommended) to send Microsoft diagnostic data if you’re reporting a bug.

I hope you found this blog post on How to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Responding Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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