How to Disable Touchpad on Windows 11


Every modern laptop comes with a touchpad that can be used to navigate across your system. But sometimes you may prefer to use a mouse or the touchpad is malfunctioning and you may decide to disable the touchpad on your system. In this guide, I will show you how to disable the touchpad on Windows 11. You can further read about How to Enable or Disable Touch Screen in Windows 10, how to Make More Space Available on the Windows 11 Taskbar, how to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 11 and how to correctly disable BitLocker on Windows Server

Disable Touchpad on Windows 11 from Computer Settings

1: Open your computer settings and click Bluetooth & devices


2. Click on Touchpad


3. Toggle the Touchpad to OFF


Immediately the touchpad button is toggled OFF the touchpad will stop working but the keyboard, external mouse, and touchscreen will continue to work.

How to Disable Touchpad on Windows 11 from the Control Panel

4. Navigate to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. Click Mouse and click on the Hardware tab.


5. Select the touchpad device and click on properties.


6. Click on Change settings


7. On the properties page click on the Driver tab and click on the Disable Device button. Click “Yes” in the confirmation box that is displayed.


Once you have completed these steps, your Touchpad will be disabled.

Disable the Touchpad Using the Device Manager

8. Search and navigate to Device Manager


9. Expand the Mice and other pointing devices and right-click on the touchpad device you want to disable and click on Disable device. Click Yes to confirm.


Disable the Touchpad Using the Registry Editor

10. Type “regedit” in the start menu and press Enter. In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following location:


From the right pane Double-click “Enabled”. In the Value data field, type “0” to turn off the touchpad. Then, click “OK” to save your changes.


Restart your system for the changes to take effect. If you want to reverse the change just change the value back to “1”.

Disable the Touchpad When an External Mouse Is Connected

11. Navigate to Bluetooth & devices > Touchpad. Click the drop-down icon next to Touchpad and uncheck the “Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected” option.


The system will automatically disable the built-in touchpad whenever you connect an external mouse to your computer.

Enable the Touchpad Without a Mouse

Sometimes you may accidentally or by mistake disable your touchpad and don’t have a mouse to re-enable it. When this happens you can use the keyboard to enable the touchpad by typing Touchpad settings and press Enter.

After the touchpad settings open you will keep pressing the Tab key until you reach the touchpad toggle. Then, press the Space key to toggle on the touchpad.



How do I turn off my touchpad on Windows 11?

Open settings and click Bluetooth & devices from the left sidebar. Then, click on Touchpad and Toggle the touchpad button to OFF.

Where is the touchpad in settings?

1. On Windows 10 Navigate to Start > Settings > Devices > Touchpad.
2. On Windows 11 Navigate to Start > Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Touchpad.

I hope you found this blog post on How to Disable the Touchpad on Windows 11 Interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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