Get Started with OpsWorks for Chef Automate

Provision a Chef Automate Server in AWS. Follow this link and ‘click on get Started with OpsWorks for Chef Automate’

When setup is complete, ensure you download the Sign-in credential for the Chef Server as this is not saved by AWS OpsWork for Chef Automate and cannot be downloaded afterwards or viewed.

StarterKit: Download and Unzip the Starter Kit. TheStarter Kit contains a README file with examples, a knife.rb configuration file, and a private key for the primary or pivotal user.

Note: A new key pair is generated—and the old key is reset—each time you download the Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit .zip file includes a simple example of a Chef repository that works with any AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate Server. In the Chef repository, you store cookbooks, roles, configuration files, and other artifacts for managing your nodes with Chef. It is recommend that you store this repository in a version control system, such as Git or AWSCodeCommit and treat it as source code.

Note: Never share the Starter Kit private key. If other users will be managing the Chef server, add them as administrators in the Chef Automate dashboard.

Chef Development Kit: Download and run on the computer that will administer the Chef Server and Nodes. The knife utility is also part of the Chef DK.

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