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How to perform vulnerability scan on Microsoft SQL Server

performing vulnerability scan

SQL Vulnerability Assessment is a new feature embedded in some of the most recent versions of SQL Server Management Studio. This feature is relatively very easy to use and it will show you all the security vulnerabilities and anomalies in your SQL database. Following best practice, it is recommended to apply strict security practices thereby ensuring that client’s data are not compromised. If you currently do not have SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) installed on your PC or Server, kindly follow this link to have it downloaded. See the following guide on MySQL, how to reset Mysql Root password, how to access MySQL Server from command Prompt, how to create and delete MySQL database, and how to migrate Veeam MsSQL Database to a new MsSQL Server.

Perform vulnerability scan on Microsoft SQL Server

In this example, I will perform a Vulnerability Assessment of one of my databases named “SolarWindOrion” as shown below.
Note: Orion is a performance management and fault management application that allows you to view the real-time statistics of your network directly from your web browser. This Db is actually used for this task in my laboratory and I wish to remediate and protect the Database. Click on Download SSMS as shown in the link above.

- Right-click on the database "SolarWindOrion" in SSMS, 
- Navigate to “Tasks”, 
- Then to “Vulnerability Assessment” and 
- Click on “Scan for Vulnerabilities” as shown below
Microsoft SQL Server

Select the right location where the report will be saved as shown below.

SQL Server security
Now Click on Okay and This will execute and prompte any found vulnerability below. See associated errors from my scans below.
vulnerability scanning techniques

Furthermore, you will be able to view the scan reports in SSMS. The details of the performed security checks, such as failed checks and other information, are available in a readable format.

performing vulnerability scan
Vulnerability Scan Exported to Excel

However, Click on one of the errors displayed. Let’s click on the first error as shown above. See the new image of the detailed checks below.

Since these details are self-explanatory, I will proceed and attached a new image showing the fix (remediation) as suggested by Microsoft in order to fix this issue.

Note: The Suggested remediation can be opened in the Querry Editor on a new SQL Querry Window and executed as shown below. In this way, we can have our database protected as suggested by Microsoft (Baseline)

Note: It is recommended to review the scan report, perform the necessary actions and run the scan again to ensure that all security risks are mitigated.

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