How to copy and paste between a host machine and VirtualBox VM

This is worth configuring as it makes life (labbing 🙂 ) absolutely easy for IT System Administrator. This will help you a lot by not manually inputting text etc., or search for items by opening new web browsers inside of the virtual machine to copy and paste.

Prerequisites: Ensure the VirtualBox guest additions for a whole lot of capabilities. Without the Guest Additions installed, copy and paste will not work. On how to install virtual machine Guest Addition, see

Setup: To configure the bidirectional shared clipboard has to be configured on all individual VM running in VirtualBox.

– Launch VirtualBox and
– Select the guest VM

Next, click on the settings button. or right click on the VM and click on settings or press Ctrl + S on your keyboard

– Select Advanced
– Under the Shared Clipboard, select “Bidirectional”

– You can also enable the “Drag and Drop” feature and
– Finally click on ok.

This is all that needs to be done. When you log back into the virtual machine, you will now be able to copy and paste text between the host device and the VM. The Drag’n’Drop feature lets you select a whole data file from the host to the guest or vice versa.

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