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How to install Oracle VirtualBox on a Mac device


VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use. VirtualBox isn’t only rich in functionalities, but also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3. VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts and supports a large number of guest operating systems. Here are some related guides: How to Enable Virtualization in BIOS: Determine if the Intel VT-x or AMD-V Virtualization Technology is enabled in BIOS, how to fix “Failed to open session in VirtualBox to install Windows 11 Image”, and The virtual machine has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (1×0): Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Windows Server 2019.

Note: VirtualBox is being actively developed with frequent releases and has an ever-growing list of features, supported guest operating systems, and platforms it runs on. Here are some more guides: How to clone a Windows Server running on VirtualBox, and The virtual machine ran into a non-fatal problem as described below, we suggest that you take appropriate action to prevent the problem from recurring.

Please proceed to the following website to download VirtualBox installation DMG for macOS as shown below


As described before, Oracle VirtualBox ships in a disk image ( dmg ) file for Mac OS X devices. Upon download, you will have the following file as shown below.


Double-click on that file to have its contents mounted. A new window will open instructing you to double-click on the VirtualBox.pkg installer file displayed


Since I am sure about the installation source, I will click on “Allow” to continue the installation.


This will start the installer, which enables you to select where to install Oracle VM VirtualBox


Here you can change the installation location. I am okay with the defaults, therefore I will click on “Install”.


You will be required to authenticate in order to have VB installed. Please enter your password and click on “Install Software”.


As you can see below, the installation is running.


Click on “Ok”.

Note, in order to finish this update, you will need to allow it also in the Security and Privacy System Preference. 

As you can see below, the installation is complete. You can now click on close to have this window closed.


After installation, you can find an Oracle VM VirtualBox icon in the “Applications” folder in the Finder. You can also access it via the LaunchPad or use Spotlight Search to locate VirtualBox.


After the installation of VirtualBox, you may want to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack file. This can be downloaded from this link. Here is how to do this “how to install virtual machine Guest Addition“.

Double-click on VirtualBox to have it opened. Now you can create or add virtual Machines etc. In subsequent guides, I will be showing you how to run macOS on VirtualBox. Please stay glued!


If you wish to create a new VM, click on “New” and follow through with the steps. These steps are similar to How to install Windows Server 2019 on Virtualbox, how to install and configure Ubuntu Linux on VirtualBox, and How to install Windows Server 2022 on VirtualBox.


I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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