How to rename a Printer in Windows 10

rename Printer

The Rename-Printer cmdlet lets you rename the specified printer on your device. You can specify the printer to rename by using either a printer object retrieved by the Get-Printer cmdlet, or by specifying a printer name. Administrative privilege is required to rename a Printer. See how to delete obsolete drivers from the Driver Store in Windows 10.

Note: You cannot use wildcard characters with Rename-Printer. You can use Rename-Printer in a Windows PowerShell remoting session.

How to rename a Printer in Windows

The PrintManagement module include the following cmdlets for managing printers, drivers, print ports, and queues. You can get the full list of print, driver and print queue management cmdlets available in the PrintManagement module on Windows 10 with the following command below.

Get-Command –Module PrintManagement
Windows 10

Now that we are sure of the right cmdlets to rename our printer, we would run the command below to have this done. For other steps, kindly take a look at this link.

Rename-Printer -Name "HCPXXX" -NewName "ChrisPrinter1"

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