How to move OneDrive Folder to a Different Location in Windows 10


OneDrive is a Microsoft service that comes as a default service in Windows 10. This service is used for storing files and this can be synced in all your devices that have this app service, you will notice that once you store any file using the OneDrive that same file will reflect on all your devices. The OneDrive is a depository that can be accessed on any device so far you login into the service. There is always a default location for all the files in the OneDrive and there are situations you might want to change the OneDrive location.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to change the default location to your desired location. If you want to read more guides on OneDrive you can check these: How to Disable or Uninstall OneDrive on Windows 10 and 11, How to Share Files, Stop Sharing and Restore Previous Versions of Files on Microsoft OneDrive, Files On-Demand with OneDrive: Microsoft OneDrive Setup On Windows 10 and 11 and Key Features Explained, Microsoft Unveils OneDrive Sync App For Apple M1 Mac, Windows On ARM.

Open your Windows 10 system and locate the User’s folder or use this “C:\Users\Your User Account\OneDrive.”, you will see the OneDrive icon inside this location and when you click, it will open the OneDrive service where you can save your files. This is the default location that comes with Windows 10.

OneDrive Location

An alternative way to open OneDrive is by checking the right side of the taskbar, you would see OneDrive’s icon that looks like a cloud.

OneDrive Icon

Another way you can access it is through the search box and type OneDrive

OneDrive Shortcut

To access the setting right-click on the OneDrive icon and click on Settings

OneDrive Settings

On the next page called Microsoft OneDrive you need to select the Account tab, and then click Unlink this PC.

Unlinking OneDrive

Immediately you click on the Unlink this PC OneDrive will inform you of all the actions that will be carried out once you click the button that will confirm the action. This will make OneDrive to stop syncing your files, and this is a compulsory steps that must be carried out for you to be able to move the OneDrive folder to another location.

Unlinking your Account

Once this is done then the next step is to move your OneDrive folder from its original location to the location that you prefer. Open the default location for the OneDrive which is “C:\Users\Your User Account\OneDrive.” Then select the OneDrive icon and click on Move to which will now open different folders or you can click on Choose location to select a new location for your OneDrive.

Now make your choice of the folder or drive you to want for your OneDrive and click on the Move button to start moving the OneDrive. The time spent on the movement is dependent on the number of files available in the OneDrive.

Moving Items

Now go ahead to re-login to your Microsoft OneDrive account

OneDrive Login

Since we want to use a different location for the OneDrive, click “Change location” link.

You can now “Choose your OneDrive location.” Find and select the location where you moved the OneDrive folder on your system and click the Select Folder button.

OneDrive Folder

OneDrive immediately detects that the OneDrive folder already exists on this PC before, you only need to confirm you still want to continue to use the folder.

OneDrive folder exist

I hope you found this blog post on How to move OneDrive Folder to a Different Location in Windows 10 interesting and helpful. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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